Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in China

the most popular tourist destinations in China, Shanghai ranked No.1 followed by Beijing and Xi'an. Except the 3 cities, others are Shenzhen, Xian, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Xiamen and Sanya.
Now, come with TopChinaTravel to these popular tourist destinations in China.

Top 1 Beijing - The capital and cultural centre of China

Beijing, the capital of China, has served as a capital of the country for more than 800 years. The city has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, including the Forbidden City - the largest and best-preserved ancient architectural complex in the world; the Temple of Heaven - where Ming and Qing emperors performed solemn rituals for bountiful harvests; the Summer Palace - the emperors' magnificent garden retreat; the Ming Tombs - the stately and majestic mausoleums of 13 Ming Dynasty emperors; and the world-renowned and genuinely inspiring Badaling section of the Great Wall.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china
Forbidden City in Beijing

Top 2 Shanghai - The largest city, famed for its riverside cityscape

Shanghai is one of the world largest seaports and China major industrial as well as commercial center. With the deepening reform, the city, formerly crowned as the financial, economic and trade hub of the Far East, is playing a leading role in boosting economic development of China. Meanwhile, the city has attracted more and more tourists from home and abroad for its unique charm. As one of the noted historic and cultural citied in the country, Shanghai has more than 70 sites of historical interest and cultural relics, which best represent the distinctive characteristic of Shanghai regional culture. What is more, Shanghai is the Paradise of gourmets, who may find thousands of restaurants here that serve a complete list of China's major famous cuisines and various foreign foods.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china
Shanghai City View

Top 3 Xi'an - Home of the Terracotta Warriors

Xian, an ancient capital of China, is your gateway to know about ancient Chinese civilization. In its 3,100 recorded years of evolution, it has been the capital of 13 dynasties, including the Zhou, Qin, Han, the Sui, and Tang dynasties, periodically from the 11th century B.C. to the early 10th century AD. Touring in Xi'an, you can breathe the historical air from all the must-see spots. major attractions in Xi'an include the Qin Terracotta Army - "the 8th wonder of the world", the Big Wild Goose Pagoda - the most outstanding landmark of Xi'an, Banpo Neolithic Village Museum - the remains of a 6,000 year-old village once home to a matriarchal clan community, and the Xi'an City Wall which stretches round the old city.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china
Terracotta Warriors in Xian

Top 4 Hong Kong - Shopping paradise

Hong Kong is located on south coast of China, 60 km (37 mi) east of Macau on the opposite side of the Pearl River Delta, north to Shengzhen. It boards Guangdong city of Shenzhen to the north over the Shenzhen River, Wanshan Islands of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province to the south. It consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and other 262 small islands.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china
Hong Kong is a highly prosperous international metropolis now, and one of the third largest financial centers in the world. Hong Kong is famous for magnificient city view with lots of skyscrapers and shopping.

Top 5 Guilin - Scenic city with sensational mountain and river scenery

Situated in South China, Guilin is like a glittering pearl on a green carpet, the scenery here enjoys the praise of "top landscape in the world". The name of the city is derived from the cassia tree called "Guihuashu" in Chinese. One can see the green cassia trees standing at the most roadsides in the town. When the autumn comes, the fragrance of the blossom fills up the air making passengers refreshing and relaxed. In addition, the golden flowers are very pleasing to the eyes.

Guilin is a world-famous scenic city, famous for its unrivalled karst landscape, exquisite mountains, limpid rivers, wired caves and beautiful rocks. Besides the unparallel scenery, the city also boasts its time-honored history. Guilin has been the political, economic and cultural center of Guangxi since more than 1,000 years ago. The Lingqu Canal built 214 B.C. in Xing'an County has witnessed the change during these 2,000 years.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china

Top 6 Guangzhou - A prosperous and liberal city near Hong Kong

Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is nicknamed the City of Goat. As a city of historic and cultural significance, it is the largest industrial and commercial city and the largest important and export port in South China. It enjoys a humid climate all year around, and flowers blossom in all four seasons, hence its another nickname "the City of Flowers". There are over 150 historical sites and places of interests in the city, plus various modern entertainment facilities. Here, the China Guangdong Export Commodities Fairs is held twice every year.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china

Top 7 Chengdu - Hometown of China Giant Panda

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, is a famous historical and cultural city with a history over 3,000 years. Known as the land of abundance, Chengdu boasts plentiful local products, a pleasant climate, a large number of scenic spots and historical sites, and fine traditional handicrafts well known both at home and abroad.According to the records and relics, there was human being living on this piece of land about 3,700 years ago. It is about 2,300 years ago the ninth king Kaiming of ancient Shu State moved his capital to the site and named it 'Chengdu'. Then the name has been kept until today.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china

Top 8 Hangzhou - Beautiful city with lake view

As one of China's hottest tourists destination, Hangzhou is a “holy and beautiful paradise on earth” which has been circulated for l, 000 years on the Chinese land. It has inherited the historical heritage of mare than 5,000 years. The city has a history of 2.200 years since it was first established as Qiantang County during the Qin Dynasty. Altogether 13 emperors of two dynasties took the throne for 234 years in Hangzhou. Later, Hangzhou has always been the administrative, cultural and economic city (capital city) of Zhejiang Province and is one of the seven ancient capitals in China. Located on the south bank of the Haogzhou Bay of the East China Sea. Hangzhou is 180 km from Shanghai and is an important central city of the Yangtze River delta. Hangzhou has enjoyed the reputation of being the "first prefecture in southeast'. During the Yuan Dynasty Italian traveller Marco Polo lauded. The special local-made products are silk, Xihu silk umbrellas, color-glazed porcelain, Longjing tea, and white chrysanthemum.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china
West Lake in Hangzhou

Top 9 Suzhou - An ancient city famous for canals and gardens

Founded in 514 BC, Suzhou is one of the oldest towns in Yangtze Basin. Bordering Shanghai on the east, Wuxi City on the west and the Yangtze River on the north, Suzhou enjoys great geography and excellent land, water and air transportation.Suzhou achieved its fame 1,000 years later when the Grand Canal was constructed. And the city remains one of the most beautiful cities in China with its blue web of interlocking canals and classical gardens as well as famous silk industry. It is well-known as the capital of silk. The streets and lanes in its downtown area are of the Song-dynasty style.

As the world of garden, Suzhou is also famous for its ancient gardens which are the gem of classical garden architecture in south China and has been included in the UNESCO heritage list.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china
Humble Administrator Garden in Suzhou

Top 10 Sanya - A tropical city with beautiful sand beach

Sanya is a famous coastal tourist city filled with tropical landscapes and local customs. Since Sanya is situated in the southernmost part of China, she has been called "the remotest cape of the earth" since ancient time.The region of Sanya has a long history of human development. There were discoveries of cultural relics of the Old Stone Age. Ancient Persian tombs were found along the coast. 
As the world famous tourism city, Sanya, has advantages on its air transportation, especially for the international ones. Phoenix Airport is 20 km northwest away from the city. Now, there are 9 international airlines from Singapore, HongKong, Malasia, Thailand, Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka.There is a highway linking the airport and the city center. You can take a taxi or a bus to the city centre. In addition there are direct buses to Sanya Bay and Dadonghai at the airport.
top 10 most popular tourist cities in china
The above are the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in China. They are the best tourist cities to explore the ancient, modern and natural landscape in China. Hope these info offer help when you are planning your China tour.

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