China Tourism Facts

Overview of China Tourism Industry Facts & Statistics

The travel and tourism industry is one of china’s well-performing industries with a total economic contribution (direct, indirect and induced) of over 120 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, accounting up to more than 10% of GDP, according to China National Tourism Administration. According to the report of tourism suggestion from state council in August 2014, by 2020 China tourism industry would have the estimated revenue of 5.5 trillion Chinese yuan.

At present, domestic tourism is still the main force of driving china’s tourism industry growth. In 2015, domestic travel customers had increased up to 4 billion Chinese yuan, which was around 603 million US dollars (according to the exchange rate during November, 2017), becoming the largest domestic tourism market on the global level. The international inbound traveller or foreigner entry travel business number has gone up to 133 million people and the Chinese outbound traveller to other countries is 120 million people. The direct employee within tourism industry in Chinese is 24.98 million and the indirect jobs provided by tourism industry is much higher number with a total account of 79.11 million people. The total population that involved in Chinese tourism industry accounts up to 10.2% of the whole Chinese population. (The statistics in this paragraph are all up to 2015)

International Inbound Travel or Foreigner Entry Travel Business in China

According to the professional survey from Chinese tourism industry, the total international inbound travelers to China in 2015 has gone up to 133.82 million people with an increase of 4.14% on a year-on-year basis. Among them, the real foreigner number was 25.99 million, with a slightly decrease of 1.4% compared to last year; the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwanese Chinese to china mainland inbound tourists were up to 107.83 million people with a notable increase of 5.6% compared to last year. On overall level of speech, the total revenue of inbound international travel business in 2015 was 113.7 billion US dollars with a notable increase of 7.8% on a year-on-year basis.

If we zoom in and give a close view of how exactly the total revenue had been contributed by each type of those inbound travellers, the detailed statistics are: foreigners and Hong Kong Chinese have together made a contribution of 80.98% to the total inbound travel business revenue, Taiwanese has made a contribution of 12.45% and Macao Chinese has made a contribution of 6.6%. Below is the chart that shows the detailed statistics about 2000-2015 China International Inbound Travel Revenue in US Dollars with the numbers summarized and designed by

china tourism

In 2016, the total tourism revenue has come up to 120 billion USD with an increase of 5.6% on a year-on-year basis. Of which, 66.8 billion USD came from inbound foreigner visitors with the increase of 10.3%; 30.5 billion came from Hong Kong Chinese with the increase of 2.3%; 7.6 billion came from Macao Chinese with the increase of 3.1%; 15 billion came from Taiwan Chinese with the increase of 5%.

Of all the international inbound travellers, visitors come china for leisure accounts up to 31% occupying as the top issue; Visitors come for a business trip accounts up to 21%; visitors come china for relatives visiting accounts to 3%.

If we analysis the statistics in the aspect of expenditure of all international inbound tourists in china, 70% travelers’ total expenditure in their China trip are between 500-3000 USD with the transportation cost making the most costly section in their China trips. Unlike Chinese travelers aboard whose luxury goods shopping expenditure making the most costly section in their travel bills, foreigners come to china are more keen on scenic and culture site-seeing. From 1th July, 2016, Beijing has released the departure tax refund policy to encourage tourists to purchase more valuable goods or souvenirs during their china trips.

Chinese Citizens Outbound Tourism Business

In the aspect of outbound tourism business, China now has become the most fast-growing and biggest outbound travel producing country in the world. In 2015, the total Chinese outbound traveller number has gone up to 120 million. This is mainly because recently years under the open and reform policy of china government, the wealth level of Chinese people has been lifted a lot. 60% of outbound Chinese travellers travel overseas for leisure and 20% for adventure.Below is the chart that shows the detailed statistics about 2001-2015 Chinese Outbound Visitors in Million with the numbers summarized and designed by
chinese outbound business
By 2015, the top ten outbound destinations of Chinese oversea travellers are Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, Italy, Switzerland, Macao and Germany. Among them, Japan, Korea, Thailand has attracted nearly 70% of all the outbound travellers of China.

Chinese Citizen Domestic Tourism Business

During 2004 to 2014, it was the golden era of Chinese tourism industry. Domestic travel people had increased up to 3.6 billion compare to 744 million in 2004.

Concerned Issues about Tourism Facts at Present

Wheelchair and disabled people site seeing facilities in Chinese tourism industry still needs improving.

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