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Tang Paradise


99 Furong Xi Road, Qujiang New District, Xi'an, Shannxi Province, China

Reasons to visit

The the first Tang Dynasty royal garden style large-scale theme park in China; The world's largest water show

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Opening Hours

  • 9:00-22:00
Tang Paradise (Chinese: 大唐芙蓉园; pinyin: Dàtáng Fúróng Yuán) is the first Tang Dynasty royal garden style large-scale theme park in China. It is located in Qujiang New District of Xian City, with Big Wild Goose Pagoda at west, marine museum at north, Tang City Wall at south.

Tang Paradise has created several records: It has the world's largest water show; it is the first "Five  Senses" (vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste) theme park; has the world's largest outdoor aromatization engineering; and it is the largest Tang royal buildings. On January 17, 2011, the National Tourism Administration formally approved the Big Wild Goose Pagoda-Tang Paradise scenic area as the national AAAA A tourist attraction.

Culture Areas in Tang Paradise

There are 14 culture areas in Tang Paradise: Emperor Culture Area, Women Cultural Area, Poetry Cultural Area, Diet Cultural Area, Imperial Examinations Cultural Area, Tea Cultural Area, Song and Dance Cultural Area, Folk Cultural Area, diplomatic Cultural Area, Buddhist Cultural Area, Taoist Cultural Area, Children's Entertainment Area, Damen Scenic Cultural Area and Fountain Performance Area, the fourteen landscape cultural areas. The spots in the park are mainly: Ziyun Building, Fengmingjiutian Theater, Fanglin Garden, Caixia Pavilion, Lu Yu Teahouse and so on.
Tang Paradise

【Emperor Culture Area】
Emperor Culture Area, represented by Ziyun Building-the landmark of the whole park, shows the demeanor of Emperor of Tang Dynasty. The Ziyun Building, according to history record, was built in the fourteenth year of Taiyun Period in Tang Dynasty. When holding the Qujiang Assembly, the Emperor Xuanzong of Tang would come to the building to enjoy singing and dancing, offer banquet and feasting his officials. According to the record, the Ziyun Building was rebuilt in the center of the park, and is one of the main tang-style buildings with 4 layers, showing the emperor culture of Tang Dynasty in prosperous period.
【Water Show Area】
At the surface of the lake in front of the Guanlan Platform of Ziyun Building, there is the world-class large-scale modern water landscape combining water curtain movie, music fountain and laser flame spray. The world's largest - water curtain movie, 120 meters high 20 meters wide curtain of water to laser-ass isted, highlighting the flow of water on the texture of the water curtain.
【Song and Dance Cultural Area】
Located south of Ziyun Building, the Fengmingjiutian Theater, is Tang charm and modern Royal Theatre in song and dance culture area. The theater is resplendent and magnificent, reflecting the royal demeanor. Dreaming Back to Tang Dynasty is flagship show, is choreographed song and dance drama by the best director squad in China.
Tang Paradise
【Women Cultural Area】
Ladies Pavilion and Caixia Pavilion are the representatives of Women Culture Area, showing the spirit of women of Tang Dynasty. Ladies Pavilion takes the Wangchun Pavilion as the center from the aspects of costume, sports, politics, love and other aspects comprehensively showing the positive, optimistic and confident spirit of women in Tang Dynasty. The north hall of Ladies Pavilion has performances to show the gorgeous costumes, brilliant colors, beautiful ancient music, and dynamic display of the ladies of the Tang Dynasty style. The total length of the Caixia Pavilion is nearly 300 meters, with the water extends from north to east, bordering the lake sometimes, and sometimes on the lake. It just looks like pink clouds, showing the legend of women in the Tang Dynasty.
Except for the above culture areas, there are Tea Culture Area, Poetry Cultural Area… which are all very worthy for a visit to see the culture ot Tang Dynasty.

Tang Paradise

Part of Program Schedule of Tang Paradise

Greeting Visitors
11:00 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
West Gate
Drum Performance
16:30; 18:00
West Gate
Stilts Performance
14:00; 17:10
South Square of Ziyun Building
Lion Dance
11:40; 14:30; 16:30
South Square of Ziyun Building
Court Drumming
10:30; 13:50; 16:20
The 3rd Floor of Ziyun Building
Magic Acrobatics
Small Open Platform Stage of Hu Shop
Qinqiang Opera Performance
13:00; 16:00; 19:00
Small Open Platform Stage of Hu Shop
Water Screen Film Great Sage Equal Of Heaven
North Square of Ziyun Building
Music Fountain Show
12:00; 20:00 (Monday, Friday)
12:00; 14:00; 16:00; 18:00; 21:00 (Saturday, Sunday)
in front of the Guanlan Platform of Ziyun Building
Dreaming Back to Tang Dynasty
Fengmingjiutian Theater

1. There is no Music Fountain Show from Nov. to Jan., except the spring festival.
2. Performances are free in the park except the Dreaming Back to Tang Dynasty; the performance program can receive at the entrance of the park.

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