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Longtan Park


43 Longtan Road, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China

Reasons to visit

Urban comprehensive park featuring karst natural landscapes, ethnic customs culture and subtropical plant science and landscape

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Opening Hours

  • Opening hours: 6:30-22:00
  • Ticket: Free

Longtan Park, also known as Liuzhou Dalongtan scenic area, is an open urban comprehensive park featuring karst natural landscapes, highlighting the ethnic customs culture of the south, and integrating the subtropical karst plant science and landscape. Dalongtan Scenic Area is located in the south of Liuzhou City, only three kilometers from the city center, with a planned area of about 544 hectares.

Longtan Park


What to See in Longtan Park


Longtan Park is surrounded by lush green forests and mountains. The 24 peaks of Wohu Mountain, Beauty Peak and Peacock Mountain are different in shape and stand in the four valleys of a lake (Jinghu Lake) and two pools (Longtan Pool and Leitan Pool). Under the cliff of Leishan, a clear spring flooded into the "Longtan Pool" in the two mountains of Lei and Long. The clear pool water rushes into the mirror lake, and the water temperature of Leitan Pool and Longtan Pool is constant (18℃~22℃). Every winter, the water vapor is transpiration, so it is called Shuangtan Yanyu.

Longtan Park

Historical Interests

Liu Zongyuan, a famous writer in the Tang Dynasty, once prayed for rain here, and the essay "Pray for Rain in Leitang " was handed down. There are now commemorative buildings such as the “Pray for Rain Pavilion”, the “Sacrificial Altar” and the “Leitang Temple”. In addition, Zhangchong’s fishing site “Zhang Diao Tai”, Ming Dynasty famous scholar Luo Zhiding’s study den "Ce Shan Lou" and ancient Beiqiu human site of Longshan squid mouth as well as other places of historical interest can be found.

Longtan Park


Longtan Wind and Rain Bridge

The “Longtan Wind and Rain Bridge” above the Jinghu Lake is a wood-like reinforced concrete covered bridge architecture, which is designed and built with the Sanjiang Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge as the blueprint. The entire bridge pavilion is very distinctive. The nine-storey Drum Tower built along the water is a regular quadrilateral tower structure, with overhanging eaves, colored glaze decoration, calabash top, dignified and solemn.

Longtan Park

There is a Landscape inside, hovering up and hanging over the "drums", which not only reflects the intention of the monks to beat the drums, but also meets the hearts of tourists. It is equipped with scenery gallery, hovering upwards and hanging the "drums" on the top, which not only reflects the intention of Dong people to beat the drum to warn the crowd, but also meets the desire of visitors to climb high and look far away.

Longtan Park


Visit longtan park not only to enjoy the exotic mountains and rivers in the subtropical karst area, but also to enjoy the architectures of different ethnic groups. In addition, you can enjoy the colorful minority singing and dancing performances in the ethnic villages of guangxi and taste the unique minority dishes.


Features of Longtan Park

♦ Diet: Ethnic catering services are available in the scenic area. Visitors can enjoy ethnic snacks and dishes such as oil tea, bamboo rice and sour fish.

♦ Entertainment: There are swimming pool, bumper cars, corsair, 5D cinema, target shooting, children's amusement park, big pendulum and other entertainment facilities.

♦ Rental: Rental horse riding is available in the scenic area. Sightseeing bus service is also provided on the main road.

♦ Others: Provide paid national costume rental and photo quick printing service in the scenic area.

Longtan Park


How to get to Longtan Park

You can take bus No. 19 to Longtan Park Station to reach the gate or fast line 6, bus No.70, 69, 48 to Guangxi Longtan Hospital Station to reach the back door.

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