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Baili Liujiang River


Liuzhou urban area river basin, Liuzhou City

Reasons to visit

key scenic spots in Liuzhou city; national 4A scenic spot

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Opening Hours

  • Open all day, cruise: 20:00-22:00

Liujiang River winding through the city of Liuzhou, in the city came a 180-degree turning, forming a huge "U" shape. The Baili Liujiang River area is one of the key scenic spots in Liuzhou city, Guangxi and a national 4A scenic spot. Liuzhou Baili Liujiang Tourist Area has the most dynamic view of the city and is the best choice for enjoying the night view of Liuzhou city. The winding Liujiang River through the city and draw the outline of a misty line.

Baili Liujiang River


Hightlights of Baili Liujiang River

Baili liujiang scenic area is located in Liuzhou urban area river basin, with cruise as the main way of visit method and the voyage takes about 1 hour. Sitting on a cruise ship, people can see the largest river-lifting floating music fountain in Asia - the Liujiang Fountain, as well as the Liuzhou Confucian Temple, Dongtai Mountain, Jiangbin Park, Jiahe Mountain, Panlongshan Waterfall, Liujiang Bridge and other scenery.

【Liujiang Music Fountain

Liuzhou Music Fountain is located on the north bank of Liujiang River between Liujiang Bridge and Wenhui Bridge in Liuzhou City. The Liujiang large water music fountain is 328 meters long and 40 meters wide, with 832 sets of nozzles. The water stage and the water fountain complement each other to create a beautiful landscape in the city. Its technological content and artistic effect exceed the Las Vegas Fountain in the United States, and it is currently one of the largest river surface floating musical fountains in Asia. The fountain is displayed two times a day at 20:00 and 21:00, each time around 15 minutes. It is a completely free large-scale municipal performance.

Baili Liujiang River

【Confucius Temple

The Liuzhou Confucian Temple is an important cultural landmark in the “Bali Liujiang” landscape, and is also a classic in more than 2,000 Chinese temples. It is a place where people come to worship Confucius. Temple of Literature, located in Shuinan Rd, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, is a national 4A level scenic spot.

Baili Liujiang River

【Dongtai Mountain

Dongtai Mountain, also known as Dengtai Mountain, is located on the south bank of Liujiang River in Liuzhou City, south of Longshan Mountain. The west side of the mountain is a cliff, named Longxu Cliff, and the cliff is directly inserted into the Liujiang River. Dongtai Mountain is a perfect place to see the scenery.

【Jiangbin Park

Jiangbin Park, situated in the south bank of Liujiang City, Liuzhou City, is the core area of “Bali Liujiang Scenic Area”, with a total length of 1.5 kilometers and a total area of 142,100 square meters. The park is surrounded by mountains and waters and has beautiful scenery. It integrates sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, fitness and flood control. Jiangbin Park is the earliest large open park along the river in Guangxi and enjoys the reputation of “Liuzhou Bund”.

Baili Liujiang River


【Jiahe Mountain

Located on the east side of the southern end of Wenhui Bridge in Liuzhou, Jiahe Mountain is one of the Liuzhou Ancient Eight Views. Jiahe Mountain is about 200 meters long to the west, with an altitude of 185 meters and a relative height of 95 meters. In 2004, Liuzhou City rebuilt the Jiahe garden, making it an exquisite garden integrating ancient relics, sightseeing, leisure and folk customs. There are more than 20 attractions such as Jiahe academy, Sanxiang Pavilion, Wenguang Cave and Nanping Palace.


【Panlong mountain waterfall

Liuzhou Panlong Mountain Waterfall Group has a total length of 650.59 meters. The maximum drop of the water at the Longshan Mountain is 25 meters, and the maximum level is 4, of which the main waterfall of the Panlongshan waterfall is 220 meters long and the drop is 13 meters. It is currently the world's largest urban landscape waterfall group, and won the honor of “Shanghai Great World Guinness record”.

Baili Liujiang River


【Wenhui Bridge

Wenhui Bridge is a cross-river passage connecting Liuzhong District and Yufeng District in Liuzhou City. It is located on the Liujiang Waterway and is one of the main urban roads in the central and southeastern part of Liuzhou City. Wen Huiqiao is named to commemorate Liu Zongyuan, because Wen Hui is the nickname of Liu zhongyuan. Wenhui Bridge arches are like three rainbows, which is known as the most beautiful bridge in Liuzhou.

Baili Liujiang River


How to visit Baili Liujiang River

►Night Cruise

Taking night cruise is the best way to visit Liujiang River. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Liuzhou. The cruise usually departs at 8 pm or 9 pm every night, and the journey takes 1 hour.

Water Bus

During the day, there are water buses swimming on Liujiang River. The fare is 3 yuan, which should be a cost-effective journey.

Baili Liujiang River


Travel Tips

Ticket: Liujiang itself does not require a ticket. Tickets are required for the cruise and bus.

Opening hours: Open all day, cruise: 20:00-22:00.

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