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Hailuogou Glacier Park


Southeast of Garze, Sichuan Province.

Reasons to visit

The largest ice fall in China.

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Opening Hours

  • March~October:7:00a.m.~12:30p.m.
  • November~February:7:30a.m.~2:00p.m.

Located at the lowest altitude spot around in Asia, Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park is an integrative scenic area consisting of modern oceanic glacier, complete virgin forest, as well as boiling, hot, and cold springs. Situated in Moxi Town at southwest Luding County, Garze, Sichuan Province, at the east hillside of Mt. Gongga-the highest among the mountains in Sichuan, this Hailuogou valley is 30.7km long, covering an area of 220 square km. it is 290km away from Chengdu, 76km away from Kangding, and 52km away from Luding County. Hailuogou is an important part of the national level Mt. Gongga scenic spot. And it is also a national level natural reserves, national glacier forest park, national AAAA class tour resort, and national geologic park.

With rising and setting of the sun, light and shadow form different attractiveness of the spot each day. Year in year out, flower blossom reflects the eternity of remote and quite paradise. All the beautiful sports and attractive colors, great mountains and comfortable hote springs, are the best gifts given back to the tourists by Hailuogou.

What to See

【Mt. Gongga - the pure white snow-mountain】
Mt. Gongga, the mother of Hailuogou glacier, is the "King Mountain of Sichuan", and the highest in Daxue (snow) Mountain Range, Hengduan Mountain System. In Mt. Gongga, the highest peak and the surrounding peaks are capped with snow around the year. In fine days, the golden sunlight is glowing; and in cloudy days, the clouds are everywhere, changing inconceivably as a real wonder in the world.

【Glacier Scene in Hailuogou】
In Hailuogou, there are a few glaciers, among which the No.1 glacier is the greatest in the east hillside of Mt. Gongga. And it is also the greatest one in Asia for its lowest altitude in the same latitude. It is in a length of 14.2km, and a 6-km-long large ice tongue stretches out in the virgin forest. So it takes the shape of coexistence of glacier and virgin forest that is a rare wonder in the world.

Beyond the black pine forest, once catch sight of the great icefall which is unique in the world. It is far beyond your imagination. When icefall crashing happens, the great collision between the ice pieces brings forth electricity, which behaves as the powerful blue spark. The land is trmbling, and the valley is buzzing. At the same time of ice dropping, great snow fog appears, flying all around the sky. It is really magic and magnificent.

【Virgin Forest of Hailuogou】
The heavy virgin forest of Hailuogou is also the ideal living place for wild life. There are a lot of wild animals in Hailuogou. In autumn days, the view of frolic of rare wild animals could be found. The heavy virgin forest of Hailuogou is also the ideal living place for wild life.

【Spring Resort】
Another wonder in Hailuogou is the spring hidden in the virgin forest, including sweet and tasty cool springs, a lot of big hot springs and boiling springs. It's a wonder that the springs of all kinds coexist with ice and snow. This hot waterfall is peculiar. It is proven that this spring is a kind of quality medical hot mineral spring. it is transparent and no odor, has a special medical effect to neuralgia, intestinal tract diseases, etc.. snowflakes are dripping from the endless sky, melting and vaporizing before landing, becoming countless cool water drips touching your warm skin. It is comfortable to your heart. This is a harmony of spirit of heaven and wonder of nature.

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