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Travel Tips around Hailuogou Glacier Park


Tour Arrangement

♦ Day 1: Moxi Old Town
5 p.m. on the first day going to the Moxi Old Town, the town has only a church, going in the evening is more beautiful than in the day, and it is said to be a place Mao Zedong had once lived.

1. Having meal in the scenic area is relatively a little expensive, a plate of potherb for 25 Yuan. Recommend Zizhong Restaurant which is more reliable because you will get full measure and the price is relatively suitable.
2. Accommodation: I think International Youth Hostel is quite good, only 80 Yuan a room, but disposable items are not provided.
♦ Day 2: Visiting Yajiageng
Yajiageng is a place must to visit, now only here have redstone everywhere; other places are few,. If you want to visit Love Sea, suggest that go at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

1. All the way forward, the order is the Redstone Beach, Love Sea, Yajiageng, you can arrange a day trip from the analysis time. At noon on the Redstone Beach there is bamboo-tube-cooked rice and barbecue, or you can bring food which saves a lot of money.
2. If it is in winter, in the town on the first day you have better rent good crampons, a pair of 2 Yuan, can be used in 3 days. The road to the Love Sea in November has been covered by snow and ice. Walking from the No.3 camp to No.4 camp, the crampons are very useful and renting from the mountain is much expensive.
3. If you are not driving yourself, you have better charter a car, the best scenery is on the way along the road.
♦ Day 3: Visit the Yazigou Scenic Resort and Gongga Shentang Hot Spring in the evening
Yanzigou is worth a visit if you have enough time, after all, it is in the different locations, have different snow mountains, coupled with the high altitude subfrigid primeval forest with Hailuogou, though it is similar with Hailuogou.
1. You can get accommodation in Yanzigou, 400 Yuan a night live in Bubble Hotel in the off-season, the winter is not recommend to stay here, because you will step on the cold floor. There is restaurant but far from lodging place. But to live in there just to feel the new type of bubble room, no entertainment there and mobile phone has no signal.
2. Don't choose to go Yanzigou in a heavy snow day, due to debris flow between July and August is full of gravel. Then the staff will be very responsible to tell you, “because of the heavy snow mountain pass has sealed and poor road conditions, we hang up the chain of transport, if we can’t not get there don’t blame us.”
3. If you want to see the redstone here would be a mistake, the redstone has been rushed over at that time
 4. At present, the hotel of No.2 and No.3 camp in Hailuogou has not been set up in business, and it is said that No. 2 camp of hot spring hotels will not be restored, therefore they intend to spend large sum of money to build the Gonggar Shentang hot spring hotel, of course, this can only say that in the near future.
5. Gonggar Shentang is 5 star hotel, off-season price coast 990 Yuan a night. But, after you went there to take a bath in the hot spring, you will feel hot spring price is very value, but the accommodation is no worth it. So you get accommodation outside, buy tickets in the method of taking bath in the hot spring.
6. There are numerous hotels on both sides of the road outside the Gonggar Shentang Hotel with much cheaper price, 90% are all wood structure, are relatively new.
7. Shentang hot springs, the service is in place, the items like bath towel, bath dew, shampoo, mineral water and so on are all provided, and every one has a locker, you just need to buy a ticket in advance and bring swim trunks. Hot spring environment is very good, there is a 50 x 25 standard swimming pool, there are more than a dozen small pool bubble bath, filled with sulphur smell, and temperature is suitable.
♦ Day 4: Hailuogou Glacier Park
Some people say that if you go to the Yanzigou then going to Hailuogou is unnecessary, it is wrong, thats because you didn't go there by foot from No.3 camp to No.4 camp. Going there by cableway is your biggest regret.
Hailuogou Scenic Area
1. Ropeway is 150 Yuan a person back and forth, but the cableway and footpath is different in two lines, do not connected to each other, so you can’t be going up by walk but going down by cableway.
2. Rent crampon can use for 3 days, it is useful when climbing to the glacier. There are almost all wood ladders, which are very easy for walking, and there is only a small dangerous section. Low elevation glaciers are buried by a lot of sand and gravel, after digging a thin layer sandstone glacier is clearly visible, even crampon can dig in with such hardness, the more you climbs the sand is less, therefore climbing glacier can test your courage and strength.
4. About clothing: do not need to wear too thick, especially the lower part of body and upper body recommended to wear casually, a suite coat is ok. Because you are in motion when climbing glacier, only sweat, you don't feel cold at all only stopped to have a rest will be a little bit cold.
5. About eating: bring some high-energy food, supplement physical strength is a must. And along the road there also are two peddlers, selling some instant noodles, Fried foods, the price is acceptable.