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Mugecuo Scenic Area


Suburb of Kangding, Garze, Sichuan Province.

Reasons to visit

Amazing plateau lake.

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Opening Hours

  • 7:30a.m.~6:30p.m.

Located at Yala Town at north of Kangding City, it is 20km from the city and covers an area of 500sq km. the Mugecuo Scenic Area consists of 6 parts as Azalea Valley, Horse Racing Lawn, Seven-color Sea, Medicine Pool Hot Spring, Nugecuo and Red Sea Grassland.

Mugecuo is the largest alphine lake in regions of 2000m above sea level in Sichuan. There are nearly one hundred hot springs nearby which have different curative effects. Among them, there are wonders as Sight-regaining spring, Good-for-stomach spring, Goot-washing spring, etc.. Seven-color Sea is a highland lake intergrating lake and hot spring. the sight of the lake changes everyday.it is as calm as a mirror in the morning reflecting the snow peak and mountain. in the afternoon, the lake is rolling which shakes the valley. At dusk, surgace of the lake became glittering.

Travel Guide

【How to Travel】
A park bus will take you up a mountain road to a plateau where the main lake is, with one or two brief stops for pictures. Stop at each scenic sight is more common on the way down, with a footpath adjacent to the road passing through the spots. If you want to walk down and get tired after a while, or if you want to hang around at a spot, just wait by a scenic spot or by the side of the road, and the hourly (or so) bus will stop on it's way down.

【What to See】
Qisehai (seven colour lake), Mugecuo lake, a number of smaller lakes in the vicinity.

Colourful rock carvings, hillsides covered in flags, stone houses and prayer flags with a backdrop of snow mountains (perfect for photographs, along the horse trail).

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