Yunshuiyao Ancient Town(The Knot Town)


Yunshuiyao is located northwest to Zhangzhou city. 1.5 hours driving from Zhangzhou downtown.

Reasons to visit

A nice little ancient town for a weekend get-away from the busy city lives.

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Opening Hours

  • Visiting Hours Recommended: 3 hours
  • Opening Time: 8:00-21:00 every day.

Brief Introduction

Yunshuiyao Old Town, 云水谣古镇 Yún shǔi yáo gu zhen , also known as The Knot Town had obtained its fame through a popular Chinese movie called Yún shǔi yáo which had won the Best Film in the 2007 Golden Rooster Awards. Yún shǔi yáo literally means "The Song of the Clouds and Waters", mainly elaborates a loving story in 1960s in old times of China.
the knot town

About Yunshuiyao Ancient Town

Till today, most of the buildings in town, interior decoration of their houses and shooting scenes were still maintained the same as they were been filming 10 years ago. The reason why Yunshuiyao has attracted so many tourists is because of its tranquil and peaceful ambience of old time Chinese village. Here they have the highest concentration of thousands-years-old banyan tree group in Fujian province. They are standing here as a historical witness of the changing lives. Walking through the cobbled path under those ancient trees which will lead you to the heart of those ancient villagers’ houses, you would feel like as if it is walking into a mysterious long lived history alive.
yunshuiyao ancient town knot town

Travel Guide

Tickets Fare: Yunshuiyao old town requires an entrance ticket which costing CNY90. The ticket including three sites in this old town which are Yunshuiyao old town云水谣古镇, Huaiyuan Lou怀远楼and Hegui lou和贵楼. Both Huaiyuan Lou and Hegui Lou are earth buildings in this town , Hegui Lou was built by over 200 hundred wooden sticks and standing there over hundreds of years.

Location: Yunshuiyao is located northwest to Zhangzhou city. English address: Yunshuiyao ancient town, Shuyang Town, Nanjing County, Zhangzhou city, Fujian, China. Address in Chinese:福建省漳州市南靖县书洋镇云水谣古镇.

Service Hotline: +86-0596-7880111


Zhangzhou to Yunshuiyao Ancient Town:

Take a bus from Zhangzhou long-distance bus station(漳州客运中心汽车站) get to Nanjing Bus Station (南靖汽车站) first or take a train to Nanjing Railway Station(南靖火车站) first, and then take a tour bus outside the station heading directly to the Yunshuiyao scenic tour site. The frequency of those tour buses are one hour and ticket fare is 20 yuan per person for this 1.5 hour journey.
Alternatively you could share a private car with other tourists at a cost of 40 yuan per person.

Xiamen to Yunshuiyao Ancient Town:

Take the bus departs at 7:00 and 10:00 running every day at the Hubin Nan\Hubin south long distance bus station (湖滨南长途汽车站) in Xiamen. This 3.5 hour journey will cost you 55 yuan for a ticket.
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English Name: Yunshuiyao Shanshui Guminju Nanjing
Chinese Name:云水谣山水古民居(南靖和贵楼临溪店)
Location: Entrance of Huaiyuan Floor, Yunshuiyao Scenic, Nanjing County, China
Address in Chinese: 南靖云水谣景区和贵楼景点前100米翠美楼旁临溪古道。
Reason of recommend: This place has gained the most well reviewed place on trip advisor and the location of this hotel is quite convenient giving it is near the cobbled path and the river bank.

The rooms here are started from CNY200 and the reception accepts both credit cards and visa cards.
It started business in 2014 and had a renovation in 2015. Since it has only 14 rooms we suggest you book it in advance.
Tel: +86-0596-7771688
Fax: +86- 0596-7771119

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