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Fujian Dayushan Island


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There are many islands winding along eastern Fujian coastline. From north to south, there are Taishan archipelago, Seven Star Archipelago, Fuyao archipelage, Fenghuo Island and numbers of small islands, etc. The island located in Fuyao archipelagdo—Dayushan Island because of its largest, listed top in all the islands in eastern Fujian.
Fujina Dayushan Island is located in the northeast of Lake Kasumigaura, five miles of the Sansha ancient town port. The island, 7.7 kilometers from east to west and2.76 kilometers from north to south, has an area of 21.22 square kilometers and a coastline of 31.97 kilometers. The island has 36 bays large and small, and 20 hills of varying heights. The highest peak of the island is Hongjidong Hill, rising about 541.4 meters, is the largest island in eastern Fujian. The larger of the two, at 60 hectares, is big enough for sailing; the other is about a fifth this size. Fed by their own springs, the lakes never run dry and their clear waters are sweet-tasting. The surrounding hill slopes are quite gentle with occasional patches of reed plants. The green hills, blue waters and rocks together present a charming picture. There are tracts of grassland too, covering 600 hectares in total. These features give the island the name "magic island in the East China Sea."
Dayushan Island
Travel Tips
There is risk of mountaineering and camping, tourists should pay attention to their own safety, and have better prepare some commonly used drugs. Also when going picnic, pay attention to fire prevention, it is important to note that do not uses fire where is forbidden. When put out of fire, also be very careful. Watering burning fire completely, after the fire dies down, cleaning the ash residue carefully, and then covers soil, and take away the rubbish into trash bags, this is the most basic for a picnic.

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