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Datang Everbright City


No. 6, East Section of Huan Ta South Road, Yanta District, Xi’an City, Shanxi Province?

Reasons to visit

It the best place to experience the flourishing Tang culture, the best choice to enjoy the nightlife, the best background to take beautiful photos, and the best way to experience the Xi’an style.

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Opening Hours

  • Open all day, some commercial facilities and cultural activities have different business hours.

Datang Everbright City is located at the foot of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Yanta District, Xi'an City. It starts from the south square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the north, to the Tang City Wall Ruins in the south, from Ci'en East Road in the east, to Ci'en West Road in the west. The street area is 2100 meters long from north to south and 500 meters wide from east to west. The total construction area is 650,000 square meters. It is the only large-scale imitation Tang building group pedestrian street in China with the prosperous Tang culture as the background, and it is a landmark scenic spot in the local area.

datang everbright city

Datang Everbright City takes the prosperous Tang culture and the Tang style elements as the main line. It has four squares: The North Square of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, the Xuanzang Square, the Zhen Guan Square, and the Leading the New Era Square. There are four cultural venues: Xi'an Concert Hall, Shanxi Grand Theater, Xi'an Art Museum, and Qujiang Pacific Cinema. There are five cultural sculptures: Tang Buddhism Culture, Tang Heroes, Zhen Guan Zhi Zhi, Wu Hou Xing Cong, and Kai Yuan Sheng Shi. It is the first choice for displaying and experiencing Tang culture in Xi'an.

The main experience areas

Zhen Guan Square: 

Zhen Guan Square is the central area of Datang Everbright City and the place with the most prosperous Tang atmosphere. There is a 17-meter-high Zhen Guan Zhi Zhi theme sculpture on the square, showing the style of Li Shimin (A famous emperor of the Tang Dynasty) and his civil and military officials. There are imitation Tang buildings around the square, including Xi'an Concert Hall, Shaanxi Grand Theater, Xi'an Art Museum, Qujiang Pacific Cinema, etc., which are platforms for displaying culture and art. You can experience various cultural activities of the Tang Dynasty here, such as Tang Dynasty costume shows, Tang Dynasty music and dance performances, Tang Dynasty wedding reenactments, etc., allowing you to feel the style of the Tang Dynasty.

datang everbright city

Kai Yuan Square:

This square is the southern end of Datang Everbright City and the place with the most modern atmosphere. There is a 38-meter-high Kai Yuan Sheng Shi theme sculpture on the square, showing the love story of Li Longji and Yang Guifei. There are various modern commercial facilities around the square, including SKP Shopping Center, Sunshine City Plaza and so on, which are good places for leisure and shopping. 

Some of popular experience activities

Datang Everbright City is a tourist and leisure district with Tang culture as the theme. It has rich and colorful performances, food, cultural and creative, and commercial formats. It is one of the must-see attractions in Xi’an. If you want to experience the charm of Datang Everbright City, these following popular activities you can refer to:

1. Enjoy the light show of Sheng Tang Tian Jie at Kai Yuan Square and feel the colorful atmosphere. Take photos in front of the Tang Heroes statue group and learn about the style of the celebrities of the Tang Dynasty.

2. Wear Hanfu in the night city and experience the immersion of dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty. You can rent clothing and props at the nearby Hanfu Experience Hall, or find a professional photographer in the street area to take beautiful photos for you.

datang everbright city

3. Watch various Tang-style performances in the night city, such as "Yan Ta Ti Ming"(《雁塔题名》), "Da Tang Wedding"(《大唐婚礼》), "Four Great Talented Women"(《四大才女》), etc., and feel the full picture of the Tang people's life.

4. Participate in the most famous interactive programs in the night city, such as " Miss Roly-poly", " Prime Tang Secret Box" etc., and feel the witty and humorous cultural atmosphere.

5. Taste authentic Xi'an cuisine at Tang Shi Fang, such as mutton bubble bun, cold skin, meat sandwich, etc., to satisfy your taste buds.

6. There are many cultural and creative products with Tang characteristics in Baiyi Cultural and Creative District. You can buy your favorite artworks here and bring back a unique souvenir.

Important travel information

Entrance fee: Free, some commercial facilities and cultural activities need to buy tickets separately 

How to get there: Subway: Take subway line 3 or line 4 and get off at Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Station, walk about 300 meters from exit C to reach the Datang Everbright City. 

Suggested visiting time:

Datang Night City is suitable for all-day tour, but the best time to visit is from evening to night, because this is the time when the light show, music fountain and performance programs will be open to let you feel the charm of Datang Night City.

Recommended visiting order:

It is generally recommended that you visit from north to south, starting from the South Square of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda to enjoy the grandeur of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and then walking south along the pedestrian street, passing through Zhenguan Square, Cultural Exchange Square, Celebration Square, and finally arriving at the Kaiyuan Square, to enjoy the romance of the flourishing era Kaiyuan. Along the way, you can casually stroll along the pedestrian street, taste various kinds of food and snacks, watch a variety of cultural activities, take some beautiful photos, and enjoy the flavor of Datang Night City.

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