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Anrenfang Relics Exhibition Hall


Anrenfang Relics Exhibition Hall, Jianfu Temple Road, Beilin District, Xi'an

Reasons to visit

A good place to learn culture of Chang’an in the Tang Dynasty

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Opening Hours

  • Monday to Sunday 9:00-17:30, closed on Tuesdays. The exhibition hall stops admitting visitors at 17:00.

Anrenfang Relics Exhibition Hall is a museum located in the south of Small Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. It aims to showcase the culture and urban life of the Tang Dynasty. The exhibition hall covers an area of about 6,100 square meters and consists of two floors. The underground part preserves the relics of Anrenfang, a neighborhood in the Tang capital Chang'an, and displays them to visitors through a glass viewing platform. The exhibition hall uses various methods, such as miniature models, audio-visual technology, and replica artifacts, to vividly recreate the buildings and street life of the southern part of Chang'an.

anrenfang museum

Highlights of the Anrenfang

Anrenfang, originally named Anminfang, was one of the 108 neighborhoods in the outer city of Chang'an during the Tang Dynasty. It was located north of the Zhuque Avenue, the main street of the city. It was adjacent to Anshangmen Street in the east, Guangfu Neighborhood in the south, Kaihua Neighborhood in the north, and the north-south axis of Chang'an, the Zhuque Avenue, in the west. Anrenfang was not only a place where nobles and officials lived, but also the location of Jianfu Temple, a famous Buddhist temple in the Tang Dynasty. Historically, many famous figures lived in Anrenfang, including royal relatives, senior officials, literati, and religious figures.

anrenfang museum

Visitors of the exhibition hall can learn about various aspects of the Tang culture, such as food, music, dance, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and daily life, through different perspectives and exhibits. These include the restoration of the Tang women's hairstyles, the musical instruments of different periods of the Tang Dynasty, the tea art display area, and the poetry scroll. In addition, the exhibition hall also introduces the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty, as well as the social structure and culture of the Tang Dynasty.

In summary, Anrenfang Relics Exhibition Hall is a comprehensive place that integrates cultural display, education, and tourism. It is dedicated to presenting the prosperity and culture of Chang’an in the Tang Dynasty.

Travel Information

Anrenfang Relics Exhibition Hall has been open to the public since its completion, but it has not been widely promoted due to some unfinished work. The specific address is 220 meters east of the intersection of Tiyuchang North Road and Zhuque Avenue North Section in Beilin District, Xi'an. It is convenient to get there by various buses.

Entrance fee: Currently, Anrenfang Relics Exhibition Hall is free to visit.

How to get there:

Subway: Take Line 2 to Tiyuchang Station (Exit A), and walk about 677 meters to get there. Or take Line 2/5 to Nanshaomen Station (Exit B), and walk about 712 meters to get there.

Bus: Take bus 18, 203, 204, 218, or 229 to Xiajiazhuang Station, and walk 180 meters to get there.

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