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Tips on Zhangjiajie Tours

Because Zhangjiajie is a new tourism city, the tourism related items may not be equipped as well as that in big cities. Here we would like to list some tips on Zhangjiajie tours for your reference

♦ Wulingyuan Scenic Area

Generally itinerary:
1st day trip:

Tianzi Mountain
Hiking Level(Climbing moutain)
Hiking Duration: 2 hours
Scenery: Cloud Billows, Moon Brightness, Sun Glow and Winter Snow

Yuanjiajie Scenic Area
Hiking Level: (Climbing mountain)
Hiking Duration: 2 hours
Scenery: See the Hallelujah Mountain in  Movie Avator

2nd day trip:

Huangshi Village 
Hiking Level: (Climbing mountain)
Hiking Duration: 1 hour
Scenery: provides the larges sightseeing terrace above sea level in Zhangjiajie.

Golden Whip Stream
Hiking Level: (Level Road)
Hiking duration: 2.5 hours
Scenery: famous for its pristine water, verdant mountains, steep cliffs and serene valley.


1. It is better to keep the entrance card well, because it is a through ticket with 3 days validity.

2. All the scenic spots referred above may ask for a comparative good physical condition.
Hiking level of each areas:

3. Bailong Elevator: the highest elevator in the world. 326 meters vertical elevator with 2 min from top to the bottom.

4. Monkeys in Golden Whip Stream & Huangshi Village: monkeys in these two places are spread everywhere. Be careful of them when you hold food on your hands, they may “rob” it by suddenly jumping in front of you.

5. Golden Stream Whip Hiking: About 2.5 hours hiking in level road. Prepare enough drinking water and food such as chocolate.


♦ Tianmen Mountain

Main Attractions:
Cable Cars - the longest passenger cableway in the world
Ghost Path - famous for its hanging along the cliff line of the Ghost Cave
Tongtian Avenue - wonder of highway in the world
Tianmen Cave - a natural water-eroded cave with the highest elevation in the world

A suggested sightseeing route on Tianmen Mountain:
1. Taking cable way to the up one (30 min) 
2. Another cable car to get to the top of the mountain
3. Begin to have a 1.5-hour hiking tour on the Ghost Path
4. Taking cable car down to the Middle station (15 min)
5. Taking the scenic shuttle bus on the Tongtian Avenue and finally get to the Tianmen Cave (20 min)
6. Have a round way climbing tour to the Tianmen Cave (1 hour)
7. Back to the parking lot and drive back to the exist of the scenic area, finish

Zhangjiajie Travel Tips

1. Long waiting time in high season: during the high tourism season, it will be a long line to take the cable car. Sometimes it may be 1 hour waiting.

2. Stairs are slippery so better to wear sport shoes. Dense fog around the mountain, so better to take a long-sleeve when climbing mountain and avoid meshy surface sneakers.

3. There are 99 bends on the Tongtian Avenue. While the shuttle bus is not serious shaking.

4. The staircase consisting of 999 steep steps that ascends to the Tianmen Mountain Cave which may need a comparative strong physical condition. If you feel not comfortable when climbing, stop to stick to the top.

5. Foggy days depressing: If you visit Tianmen Cave in foggy days, you may have no chance to see the Tianmen Cave clear.

Zhangjiajie Travel Tips

Tips for photographers:
1. Weather: the good pictures of Zhangjiajie depend on the weather seriously. If you could not catch a great picture because of the weather, don’t be depressed of it.  

2. Corwded: most photographing platforms in scenic area are in a small room, be patient when the platform is crowded.

3. Safety: ensure you take photos in a safety place. Don't put yourself in a dangerous place for catching a unique picture.

4. Photographic Tools: it is easy to meet foggy days in the mountain, so keep your photographic tools away from the wet air.
Zhangjiajie Travel Tips

Huanglong Cave (Yellow Dragon Cave)

Huanglong Cave Sightseeing:
Hiking Level: (Walking in the cave)
Hiking Duration: 2 hours
Scenery: stalactites

1. Long time in the cave: 2 hours in the cave totally. It is a comparative long time for most poeple. And the air inside the cave is not very well.
2. Stalactites in a little parts, not can be seen in the whole cave.
3. TCT not recommends this attraction if you have been to or plan to visit Reed Clute Cave in Guilin

Hotel situations in Zhangjiajie

Because Zhangjiajie is a new tourism city, the hotel condition may could not in the same level of those hot tourism cities. It will be nice of you if you give the consideration on this situation. Top China Travel will pick out the comfortable hotels in Zhangjiajie for you as possible as we can.

♦ Zhangjiajie Transportation
The transportation of Zhangjiajie may be not very convenient. There are three common ways to Zhangjiajie:
Private vehicle transfer from Changsha to Zhangjiajie
Overnight train from Liuzhou to Zhangjiajie
Flight to Zhangjiajie: at present, some big cities have already launched direct flight to Zhangjiajie, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu (not daily), Chongqing, Guangzhou, etc. While during in the winter season, the flight to Zhangjiajie may not serve. Most flights to or leave Zhangjiajie are late night flights.