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Where is Fujian Yongding Tulou? Which Fujian Yongding Tulou do you recommend?

The most famous Tulou in Yongding County is called “Zhencheng Tulou”, also known as the prince of Fujian Tulou and the most luxury round Tulou. This Tulou was built according to the pattern of eight trigrams (a pattern in Taoist culture). And also mixed with western decoration inside, Zhencheng Tulou is in an architectural style called “Chinese style outside and western style inside” which is rare to see in Tulou buildings.

Where is Fujian Yongding Tulou
Aim to let you see the most highlights of Fujian Tulou rather than visit it one by one with a tired tour, here I list some recommended Tulou buildings for you:

♦ Recommended Round Tulous:
Zhencheng Tulou in Yongding County (The Prince of Tulou)
Zhencheng Tulou (振成楼) is located in Hongkeng Tulou Village which is now a tourists scenic area. Zhencheng Tulou was built in 1912. It is a two-circle Tulou that large one outside and small one inside. In the middle of the Tulou, there is an ancestral temple. The temple looks like in a Rome architectural style with four 7-meter-high stone pillars in front.
Where is Fujian Yongding Tulou
Ticket: 90 Yuan per adult including Zhencheng Tulou, Kuiju Tulou, Fuyu Tulou, Rusheng Tulou, etc.
Location: in Hongken Village of Hukend Town in Yongding County in Longyan City Fujian. (龙岩市永定县湖坑镇洪坑村)
Shuttle bus in Yongding County - from Yongding Coach Station (永定车站) to Hukeng Tulou Village (湖坑土楼文化村),40min interval, 1 hour driving, 15 Yuan per adult
Shuttle bus in Xiamen City - from Xiamen Hubin South Road Station (厦门湖滨南路车站) to Xiayang (下洋), in the midway the coach will visa Hukeng Station (湖坑站), get off in Hukeng Station. And the ticket office is just on the road which you can see.

Chengqi Tulou in Yongding County (The King of Tulou)
Chengqi Tulou (承启楼) is the representative of Gaobei Tulou Village. It is a Tulou with four circles, and each circle has four floors, with more than 300 years history. Chengqi Tulou is famous because it once was printed on the stamp. Another reason of its reputation because of its Feng-shui (风水, also a kind of culture in Taoism) culture.
Where is Fujian Yongding Tulou
Ticket: 50 Yuan per adult including Chengqi Tulou, Shize Tulou, Wuyun Tulou, etc.
Location: in Gaobei Tulou Village of Gaotou Town in Yongding County in Longyan City in Fujian (龙岩市永定县高头镇高北土楼村)

♦ Recommended Square Shape Tulou:
Kuiju Tulou in Yongding County (A square shape Tulou like Potala Palace)
Kuiju Tulou(奎聚楼) is in a palace decoration style. See it from afar, it looks like the Potala Palace. See it from a higher place. The Tulou is connecting with the mountain ridge together, likes a tiger on the mountain.
Where is Fujian Yongding Tulou
Location: in Hongken Village of Hukend Town in Yongding County in Longyan City Fujian. (龙岩市永定县湖坑镇洪坑村)

♦ Tulou Clusters Recommendation
Nanxi Tulou Cluster in Yongding County (The most beautiful Tulou cluster)
Nanxi Tulou Cluster (南溪土楼群) which stretches more than ten miles is a representative of Yongding Tulou. Sightseeing along Yanxiang, Shijia and Nanxi three tulou sightseeing platforms to see the cluster from a high place, the 100 tulous in different shapes are sitting along the clean Nanxi river. The ancient architectures are reflected in the clean river which is a fantastic picture for visitors to see.
Where is Fujian Yongding Tulou
Ticket: 50 Yuan per adult including Zhenfu Tulou, Yanxiang Tulou, Huanji Tulou
Location: in Xinnan Village, Hukeng Town, Yongding County (永定县湖坑镇新南村)

Chuxi Tulou Cluster in Yongding County (The most beautiful Tulou cluster with round and square tulou)
Once, the material of Chuxi Tulou Cluster was recorded in the White House in USA base because it looks like a missile base when it was shot by a satellite of US. Till 1979, the president Nixon visited China, he finally know the “missile base” in norther China was called “tulou”. It was a kind of dwelling house of hakka people.
Where is Fujian Yongding Tulou
Ticket: 50 Yuan per adult including Jiqing Tulou, Shengqing Tulou, Shanqing Tulou, etc.
Location: in Xiayang Town, Yongding County (永定县下洋镇初溪村)

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