How to Get to Hakka Tulou in Yongding from Xiamen

travel to tulou in yongding from xiamen

Where is Yongding Hakka Tulou?

Yongding Hakka Tulou or Yongding Earth Building is located in Yongding County, Longyan City, in the south of Fujian Province in China. It is just to the southeast of Longyan City, near the border with Guangdong Province. Most visitors come here to see the Hakka Tulou or roundhouses.

The countryside in Yongding County is extremely beautiful, and punctuated by around 30,000 Tulou buildings, a Hakka structure where a number of residences are built inside a single fortified compound. Here we will introduce how to get to Hakka Tulou in Yongding from Xiamen.

How to Get to Hakka Tulou in Yongding from Xiamen?

The transport between Xiamen and Yongding Tulou is quite convenient. But be sure to check the bus or train timetables before your departure.

By Bus

Xiamen is nearly 200 kilometers away from the Yongding Tulou. How to get to Hakka Tulou in Yongding from Xiamen by bus? Xiamen has multiple bus stations, so pay close attention to the station name if you choose to take bus. It takes more than 3 hours by bus.

Direct Bus (Highly Recommended)
The easiest and most convenient way to get to the Yongding Tulou area is from Xiamen by direct bus. From Xiamen, there are direct buses to Yongding Tulou from Fang Hu Bus Station (枋湖汽车站) and Xing Lin Bus Station(杏林汽车站). The bus departs at 6:40, 8:30, 12:40, 13:00 from Fang Hu Bus Station and starts at 8:50, 13:00, 13:20 from Xing Lin Bus Station. It takes around 3.5 hours to travel from Xiamen to Yongding Tulou.

If you want to go back to Xiamen after visit the Tulou, there are three direct buses from Yongding Bus Station every day. They depart at 6:40 am, 7:50 am, 9:30 am, 13:00 pm and 14:20 pm. And it takes about 3.5 hours.

►Transfer Bus
If you miss the direct buses from Xiamen to Tulou area, you can also choose the transfer way via Yongding County or Longyan downtown to get there.

There are also few buses to Yongding County that depart from 6:40, 7:50, 9:10, 14:10 every day from Fang Hu Bus Station (枋湖汽车站) and 9:30, 12:40, and 14:30 from Xing Lin Bus Station(杏林汽车站). The journey from Xiamen to Yongding is approximately 3.5 hours. Then upon your arrival in Yongding, you can buy a bus ticket to Hukeng Tulou Cultural Village (湖坑土楼文化村) at Yongding Bus Station. The bus departs every 40 minutes and it takes about 1 hour to arrive at Tulou.
By Train

►Xiamen - Yongding
How to get to Hakka Tulou in Yongding from Xiamen by Train? The nearest train station to Tulou is Yongding Train Station. There are two daily trains from Xiamen to Yongding (Train K230 departs at 4:07 pm and Train K298 depart at 5:56 pm) that take approximately 4.5 hours. The two trains depart from Xiamen Railway Station. From both train stations buses and mini-vans are available to take you to the Tulous.

►Xiamen - Longyan
There are also many trains daily from Xiamen to Longyan, including high-speed trains, bullet trains or ordinary trains. The high-speed trains and bullet trains take approximately 1 hour and the ordinary trains takes 3 hours. From Longyan Train Stations buses and mini-vans are available to take you to the Tulous.

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