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Best Places to Visit in Urumqi

Where are the Best Places to Visit in Urumqi? As one of the important out-post places of the mysterious Silk Road, Urumqi is now an attractive destination in China with abundant natural and historical resources, and has so much to offer. TopChinaTravel would like to introduce some of the famous places in Urumqi for you, like the crystal clear Tianchi Lake and vast Southern Pasture, to find you the way to explore the inner beauty of this oasis-like city.

Tianchi Lake

Tianchi Lake, or Heavenly Lake, is the top ranked attractions in Urumqi, lies on the north side of the Bogda Peak range of the Tianshan Mountains, about 110km to the east of Urumqi City. It is a typical natural alpine drift lake that formed in the Quaternary Glacier period. With an elevation of 1,980 meters, it is the highest lake in Xinjiang Province.

In the shape of a half moon, the lake is surrounded by grand mountains. With limpid water, the lake shines like a sapphire under the sun with picture-like reflections. At the southeast end of the lake is the magnificent Bogda Peak, meaning "Sacred Mountain” in the Mongolian language.

The Tianchi Lake scenic area can be divided into four natural view belts: lower mountain belt, mountain coniferous forest belt, alpine and subalpine belt, and ice and snow belt.

Southern Pasture

Southern Pasture, also known as the West White Poplar Gully, is a superb Alpine pasture that located 75km to the south of Urumqi city, at the northern foot of Karawuquntag Mountain (at an average altititude of about 1, 600 meters). Owning to this great natural environment and abundant resources, it was once the imperial hunting ground during the Tang Dynasty, and the well-knowns grassland and summer resort during the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, the local Kazakhs usually spend their summer time here to avoid the high heat from May to October.

It would be a wonderful experience that traveling to this vivid pasture which is surrounded by attractive mountains. In this area, you can grab a view of the picturesque steep mountains, grazing herds, and can even experience a horse riding that running through the valleys, etc. Moreover, if you are invisited to visit the local yurt, the hospitable host will cater you with fragrant milk tea, mare's milk, cheese and even roasted lamb, etc.

Xinjiang Regional Museum

Xinjiang Regional Museum is a large integrated-history museum and a study center on cultural relics in Xinjiang Province. It is a typical Uygur-style building that covers an area of 7,800 square meters. Built in 1953, it now has more than 50,000 collections which vividly illustrate the history, lifestyle, religion and customs of the 12 minorities living in Xinjiang. The Loulan Beauty, a 4,000-year old mysterious mummy, is among the best preserved and famous collections in the museum.

The Xinjiang Autonomous Region has long been a crossroads for many different kinds of people. Their diversity of scripts and cultures is exhibited in this museum through archaeological material, including documents in some twelve different scripts with a particularly large number from the Han-dynasty finds at Turpan. Xinjiang Regional Museum has several dozen original Tang-dynasty paintings. Although these are not from the hands of famous painters, they still exhibit the vital Tang spirit.

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