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Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin Railway Station, commonly known as Tianjin East Railway Station, is located in the north of Haihe River, at the junction of Hebei District and Hedong District, Tianjin, China. This railway station was originally built in 1886 during the reign of Guangxu Emperor in Qing Dynasty. It is the largest railway terminal in Tianjin City. Tianjin-Shanhaiguan rail line and Beijing-Shanghai rail line meet in this station. Every day, there are trains leaving for Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Bazhou and other cities. Tianjin Railway Station is the busiest station and the main terminal station in this city, not only for passengers, but also for goods.

Tianjin Railway Station is 137 kilometers from Beijing Railway Station, 1275 kilometers from Harbin Railway Station and 1145 kilometers from Shanghai Railway Station. Since August 1, 2008, it serves as the terminus for high-speed trains to the city, including the Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway, which can reach speeds above 350 km/h.

Basic Information

English Name:
Tianjin Railway Station
Chinese Name:
East Haihe Road in Hebei District, Tianjin ( Chinese Address: 河北区海河东路)
Tianjin Railway Station passenger owns 1 large waiting hall, 2 ticket halls, 4 ticket offices, 1 luggage hall and 2 passenger halls.
Subway Line No.2 and Subway Line No.3


Layout of Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin Railway Station is a major transportation hub for rail, subway, light rail, bus, taxi, etc. in the city. It covers about 940,000 square meters. Rail Transfer Center is located behind the plaza with a total construction area of 180,000 square meters. There are four floors of it. But the whole railway station has six floors, on above the ground, one on the ground and the rest under the ground.

►The first floor: there are waiting halls and offices
The ground floor: Central entrance hall, the entrance halls for the south and north buildings and the platforms are set up on this floor.

►Basement Level 1: it offer the underground entrance hall, an equipment area, a public area, the east and west exit passages, a service area, a parking lot and a taxi waiting lot. Passengers exit from this floor and there are a total of 11 exits.

►Basement Level 2: here is the waiting hall for Metro Lines No.2, No.3 and No.9 if they would like to take subway as their transportation tool after they get off the train.

►Basement Level 3: platforms for subway Metro Lines No.2 and No.9.

►Basement Level 4: It has a platform for another preparing metro line.

The elevated waiting room, underground pit room, high platform canopy, passenger tunnel, line package channels have a total construction area of one hundred and eighty five thousand square meters of which the newly built North station house comprises seventy-one thousand square meters。

Transportation Tips

The Tianjin Metro Line 2, Line 3 and Line 9 are located in the underground station of Tianjin Station. In addition, since October 2012 form a rail transfer center hub. The Ground loop distribution for the square will cover an area of twenty four square meter

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