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Tianjin Climate & Weather

Tianjin lies 120 kilometres southeast of Beijing; a port city, it is frequently influenced by the weather patterns of the Bohai Sea. Tianjin is a historic city and an important industrial base and trade centre of northern China.  In late Winter and early Spring Tianjin is a windy city, so it is no surprise that one of the special celebrations of Tianjin is the two day kite-flying festival held in early April or late September.


The city of Tianjin falls in the temperate zone, enjoying a semi-moist continental climate and experiencing hot Summers and cold Winters. The city's annual average temperature is about 13°C. Like many cities in Northern China, the hottest month is July when the temperature is approximately 34°C, while the coldest month is January with the temperatures below freezing, therefore, the best times to visit Tianjin are Spring and Autumn. The area's annual precipitation is rather low, although the weather is occasionally influenced by monsoon weather patterns in Summer.

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