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Silk Road Tour Accommodations

The Silk Road spans most of China, from modern cities in the central China to isolated villages and towns in the remote west. Accordingly accommodations along the route range from high standard luxurious hotels to simple guesthouse.

While choosing hotels or guesthouse, a careful consideration of many facets including the transportation, the conformance, the service quality and the eating habits of customers are needed.

High Standard Hotels

star hotels in silk road

3, 4, 5 star hotels are ensured to be arranged in Xian, Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Xining, Turpanand Urumqi. Because of the convenient transportation and well development in tourism market, hotels in these cities can meet most clients’ requirements.  Visitor can enjoy high standard hotels with excellent conditions, all-round services and they are quite safe. But this kind of hotels is also the most expensive.

Comfortable Hotels

comfortable hotels in silk road

In some remote places or inconvenient transporting places such as Xianhe, Jiayuguan, Qinghai Lake, accommodation conditions will be not as good as you need. For Top China Travel service, we ensure to offer you the best hotels in these places in any time.

Simple Guesthouse

simple guesthouse in silk road

For budget travelers, guesthouse will be another choice because of the comparative lower hotel rate. But one thing needed to tell you in advance, these guesthouses are equipped with simple facilities and only suitable for Chinese domestic travelers only, so we not recommend you to choose it as your accommodation places.

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