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Xinjiang Travel Tips

Xinjiang is an important destination in Silk Road. While enjoying your Silk Road Tour, here are some important travel tips for you including travel safety in Xinjiang.

Respect the Folk Custom in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Travel

Pay more attention to national minority folk custom in Xinjiang, especially some Mohammedan taboos. Xinjiang is a multi-ethnic area with strong religious faith. The nationalities who believe Mohammedanism do not eat pork, drink wine, etc… These are their big taboos in life, absolutely not to be offended. Therefore, tourists should pay attention to the follows: do not carry eating pork food or talk about the topic of pork overly in Muslim restaurants, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

In addition, ethnic people are more traditional and conservative. They always dress well when going out, so try not to wear clothes that are too revealing when you travel in Xinjiang.

Have Enough Rest During The Xinjiang Tour

ride on Xinjiang grandgrass

The region of Xinjiang is too vast and its attractions are dispersed, tourists need to ride for a long time so more rest during the journey is essential. Many scenic spots in Xinjiang require tourists to get off to walk or experience the fun of riding camels and horses, so a pair of proper shoes is particularly important. You are suggested to take a pair of comfortable, fit, easy-to-walk flat bottom shoes before leaving for your Xinjiang Tour. If you want to take pictures with ethnic minorities, be sure to get their consent before doing this.

Pay Attention to the Sunburn Days

sunshine in Xinjiang

Many areas in Xinjiang are at high altitude, so there is strong ultraviolet ray. Visitors should be ready for enough and effective sun block, also be equipped with clearing heat, thirst, moist drugs or granule like Mulberry & Chrysanthemum Granule, in order to avoid a body trouble caused by dry and hot climate.

Xinjiang Travel Safety

Xinjiang travel safety

Knife, a national art and craft in Xinjiang, is prohibited to check in by civil aviation and railway departments, tourists should pay attention to this.

It is better to avoid disputes with the local people. If you have any questions or puzzles, it is better to consult with your tour guide so that you can keep some potential dangers away from you.

Try not to go to some particularly remote areas alone. In some sensitive areas of Southern Xinjiang, such as Shache, Hetian, desert highway and so on, it's better to be prudent to take an ethnic private car.