China Orient Express

China Overview

Authorized by China Ministry of Railway, China Orient Express is one of the top ten high-end railways in the world and the best train at present China. It was built and designed especially to receive state leaders and foreign envoys. The security level and technology was driven from the Germany Mercedes Benz cooperation. Equipped with entertainment bar carriage, dinning carriage, washrooms, luxury inner decorations, exclusively boarding priorities, China Orient Express is aiming to present you an “Air Force One” experience on land. Lunching only twice at the end of June and September from Xian, this 7000km train journey delivers you a once in a life time journey of the great landscape of Silk Road regions in China!

What is China Orient Express

Brand & Honor
  • - A superb 5-star luxury train to offer a high-end experience
  • - Launched its first trip in 1985 along the Silk Road
  • - Authorized by China Ministry of Railway
  • - Design by German Mercedes Benz company
  • - One of The 25 most luxurious traveling trains in the world
  • - Bill Gates once spent millions to experience the express
  • - Sheng Zhonguo, a Chinese violinist, held his concert on this train
  • - Used to recept state leaders once
  • - Strict choose and high-quality training course for the staff
  • - Comfortable and safety equipment for every one

Restaurant Carriages

China Orient Express equips two restaurant carriages, being available for 96 people to have meals together. Chefs served on the train are all with National Superfine Chef qualification.
Breakfasts on the train:

Western food: coffee, milk, fruit juice, oatmeal, bread, ham, egg, etc.

Chinese food: porridge, steamed twisted roll, pickled vegetables, fermented bean curd, etc.

Meals on the train

Mainly served Cantonese Cuisine

Each table for 4 people.

Each meal serves 4 cold dishes, 6 hot dishes, staple food, soups, drinks and fruits.

Bar & Entertainment Carriage

China Orient Express equips Bar carriage. It is an entertainment carriage for travelers to relax. Travelers can

  • - Enjoy pianolist live show
  • - Karaoke
  • - Mahjong
  • - I-go
  • - Chess
  • - Poker, etc.

According to the travel route, a series interactive activities will be arranged such as lectures, karaoke competitions, sociable party.

Rooms on the Train

There are 2 kinds of room types on the China Orient Express, namely Luxury Beds Room and Standard Beds Room. See the differences of these two rooms:

Luxury Beds Room Standard Beds Room
Style Philippines annatto furniture modern stylish oak
Bed* the traditional style of European Orient Express
Bunk Bed Number 1 2
Capacity of 1 room 1 - 2 persons 1 - 3 persons
Sofa ×
Windows wide viewing windows
Service & Facilities:

24-hour service

air conditioning facilities can be individually climate-controlled

free fruit, coffee, tea, mineral water

Washroom Two rooms share one washroom Each carriage equips 2 public washroom


"Beds” refers to bunk beds which are usually used on the train

Luxury Two Beds Room


Luxury Room

Luxury Room

Luxury Room

Private Washroom

Private Bathroom

Standard Beds Room


Standard Room

Standard Room

Door of Standard Room


Each passenger carriage will equip 2 western aviation professional closestool restrooms. When finishing the release, professional staff will clean up it immediately.

Service on the Train

Accompany Doctors
Accompany doctors will ensure a more safety tour on the train. To ease upsets during the tour such as unaccustomed to the weather, tired, bruise, etc. 24-hour service on the train for any moment you need help.
Luggage Transferring
Professional luggage porters will serve for you since the first day you go onboard the China Orient Express. The porters will help you to carry to luggage from your hotel to your room on the train. No room change procedure on the train so you can just leave the weight ones on the train and take portable luggage during your each city sightseeing.
Fruit in the Room
When you finish your city tour and back to your room, a fruit basket with seasonal fresh fruits will be offered to you.
Dinks on the Train
When you have meals on the train, it is more like a small party with your friends at home. No need to be harry up for urgent things, no need to worry about driving back home after drinking, you can talk with your family members or friends, savor a bottle of great wine, and enjoy the scenery outside the window leisurely.