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What to be Noticed in Silk Road Tour

Silk Road is always a mysterious and desirable travel destination in China. It is charming to those tourists who are enthusiastic about Chinese Buddhism Culture and Landscape of Northwestern China. Due to the special location, Top China Travel introduce you what to be noticed in Silked Road Tour in this page.

► Silk Road tour covers several cities in Gansu and Xinjiang with long distance. Besides, the scenic spots are far away from each other. Therefore, tourists need to take car (coach) for a long time. If you can not take long-distance bus, we suggest you prepare some medicine in advance for motion sickness. 

► Northwestern China is in the inland of China, with a temperate version of continental climate. The solar irradiance and diurnal amplitude are strong. Please pack necessary warm clothing, canteen, sun lotion, lip balm, sun helmet, sunglasses based on your own situation. Tourists should drink more water, eat more fresh fruits in this dry area at high-altitude and with strong ultraviolet. 

► Please pay attention to clothing and timely change due to the strong diurnal amplitude. 

► Cameras are not allowed to take into Mogao Grottoes. Tourists should deposit their cameras at the entrance. Besides, you can prepare a flashlight in advance for Maogao Grottoes visit. 

► Silk Road Tour covers some ethnic area in Xinjiang. Therefore, when you visit to Xinjiang, please respect to the local people’s life and religious customs. 

Silk Road

► It is better to know the pricing of some local specialties and souvenirs with local guide and driver before you decide to go shopping in a city. Especially, when you go shopping at local Bazaar in Xinjiang, please do not bargain with the shopkeepers if you have no intention to buy. 

► Do not take your camera during sand surfing to avoid being damaged or lost. 

► Take good care of your personal belongings. Suggest you deposit your valuables in the hotel safe. 

► Please comply with the travel agency and local guide’s arrangement when you travel in some special places, such as Tibet, Glaciers remote area. 

► CNY cash is the only currency for transition in Silk Road Tour. Since the places in this tour are remote, it is not as convenient as that in some large cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, ect) to exchange money. Prepare enough CNY cash before getting into the Silk Road. You can apply for a Chinese debit card at a bank when you travel in some large cities before Silk Road and deposit some money into the account. Then you could withdraw money at local bank at the cities in the Silk Road. It is helpful to avoid taking too many cashes.

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