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Best time to visit Sichuan

The best time to travel in Sichuan is in spring and autumn, especially in February and March, July to October.

Travel to Sichuan in Spring

Spring is dry in Sichuan lowlands and south area, with little but concentrated precipitation on the plateau. Take a look at the lovely pandas may please you most.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding: located about 25km out of Chengdu City, you are able to get real close-up to some pandas and photograph them as well as the so-called lesser red pandas which really look and act like raccoons.
Wolong Panda Reserve: located 120 km from Chengdu City, one of the earliest comprehensive national reserves, is one of the pandas’ research center.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Travel to Sichuan in Summer

Summer is hot in Sichuan lowlands and south area, but on the plateau, there seems no summer. In July, the temperature has reached 25ºC to 29 ºC in the lowlands, 11 ºC to 17 ºC on the plateau, and 22 ºC to 26 ºC in the south. You may look for some ideal summer resorts.

Qingcheng Mountain: is lush and green all year round and is famous for its secluded tranquility, located in Chengdu.
Mount Emei: has been famous for its natural landscape and Buddhism and Taoism, located in Leshan.

mt emei

Travel to Sichuan in Autumn

Autumn is rainy season in Sichuan lowlands and south area, but is with strong sunshine on the plateau. Jiuzhaigou may be a good choice for your China Tours.

Jiuzhaigou Valley: autumn is the most splendid season in Jiuzhaigou Valley when colorful leaves and woods are reflected in the water and the fallen leaves are floating amidst the shinning waves of the lakes.
Muni Valley: consists of two side valleys, more than 100 lakes and natural hot springs with the most spectacular sceneries being Zhaga Waterfall and Erdao Lake.

jiuzhaigou valley

Travel to Sichuan in Winter

Winter is warm in Sichuan lowlands and south area, but a little cold on the plateau. In January, the temperature may be 3 ºC to 8 ºC in the lowlands, -9 ºC to 3 ºC on the plateau, and 8 ºC to 13 ºC in the south. You can enjoy the fantastic snow landscapes in Sichuan.

Xiling Snow Mountain: the largest snow mountain skiing resort in China, is located in Chengdu; winter is a good time to visit it with thick level snow carpet in the skiing places.
• Longchi Ice and Snow Festival: one of the most important tourist activities in Dujiangyan City.

xiling snow mountain

The weather in Sichuan is different in lowlands, on the plateau and in the south area, tourists should pay more attention to the climate of your destinations of your Sichuan Tour. Related Sichuan Travel Information:
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