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Potatso National Park Tips



Potatso National Park ticket is 190 yuan per person, including Bitahai Lake and Shuduhu Lake (110 Yuan) and sightseeing tourist car (80 Yuan).



From Shangri-La bus station to Potatso Park cost for 30 Yuan two people, half an hour driving to the gate of Potatso Park.


(1) After entering Potatso National Forest Park Scenic Area, tourists will take the scenic spot sightseeing bus for touring. Here is more than ten kilometers between every scenic spot.

(2) The scenic touring to the first stand of Shuduhu Lake can not get off, the bus will go directly to the second station, there is a viewing platform, and tourists can watch lake scenery there. If get off at the first stop, you will walk the wooden trestle of lake road, 3.3 kilometers.

(3) According to the custom of from left to right of Tibetan, Potatso visiting route is according to the rotatable design sequence from north and south. First is arriving at the Suduhu Lake and then to Bitahai Lake, where can see the Haba Snow Mountain.

(4) The bus back to the Shangri-la county car generally departure on time in the afternoon15:20. In addition, should wear more clothes, the temperature in scenic area is low when it rains.

(5) Scenic Spot service hall sells oxygen and coat rental, price reference: down jacket 50 yuan/piece, cold protected clothing 40 yuan/piece, oxygen bottle 60 yuan/bottle. Tour guide will arrange you to buy oxygen bottle before going. Because of Potatso highest place is more than four thousand meters above sea level. Oxygen bottle of around 50 yuan, whether buy or not to buy depending on the physical condition, if in Shangri-la County has no altitude sickness you can choose not to buy, or prepare a bottle of two people.