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Lijiang Tourism

Lijiang tourism's development has expanded Lijiang's opening to the outside world. Lijiang Dayan Naxi Ancient Music has started the Naxi Cultural Learning Pavilion, which has held their communicate performance in Hong Kong, Beijing, Britain, Norway and other countries. With the development of Lijiang tourism, Lijiang has become a hot investment spot for traders at home and abroad.

Tourism in the urban economic development in the industry, position, and gradually increase the economic role of the tourism industry to boost the urban economy, social employment, driving force, as well as the promotion of the role of culture and the environment becomes increasingly obvious. Tourism is a pillar of China's economic development industries.

Lijiang has rich tourism resources, such as magnificent mountains and rivers, numerous nationalities, long history and brilliant culture. The city has more than 104 tourism scenic spots, the most representative are: "two mountains, one town, one lake, one river, one culture, one amorous feelings".

"Two mountains", that are, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain which is the nearest modern glacier in the northern hemisphere toward the equator, and Laojun Mountain which is famous for the legend related to the very high lord. "One town", that is, the Lijiang Old Town, which is the state-level historical and cultural city, having 800 years history, and is the most complete and the most Naxi style ancient town in China. "One river", that is, the Jinsha River, with breathtaking and magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge as a representative, and the First Bend of the Yangtze River, Shigu Town, Baoshan Stone Town, and other attractions. "One lake" is known as "plateau pearl", "Oriental first wonders" Lugu Lake. "One culture", that is, the Naxi Dongba Culture. "One amorous feelings" is the "Women Country's Mosuo amorous feelings.

Lijiang Tourism Administration

Tourism Bureau
Tourism Bureau
The Tourism Building in Shangri-la Avenue 
in Gucheng District, Lijiang City
0888-96927 5123432 
Gucheng District
Tourism Bureau
Dayan Town, Gucheng District
Huaping County
Tourism Bureau
No.29, East Street, Zhongxin Town,
Huaping County
Tourism Bureau
Daxing Town, Ninglang Yi Autonomous County
Yongsheng County
Tourism Bureau
Yuanmen Road, Yongbei Town, 
Yongsheng County
Tourism Bureau
Huangshan Town, Yulong Naxi Autonomous County


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