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Potala Palace Trip Tips

Potala Palace, the world highest palace, is the most famous attraction in Tibet, even in the world. Here I list some tips for travelers who plan to have a Potala Palace trip.
Potala Palace Trip Tips
♦ Sightseeing Tips in Potala Palace Trip
► Sightseeing Time
Sightseeing time inside Potala Palace is within 1 hour. From the time you enter into White Palace. Inside, the attraction director will lead you to have a moving sightseeing trip.
St. Kuanyin Hall, Fawang Cave, Xiyoujiyuanman Hall, 5th Dalai Pagoda will be important to have a visit

► Sightseeing Route
The general route will be from the bottom to the top, enter from the White Palace, climbing up to the top of the Potala Palace.

The altitude of Potala Palace is 3700m. For travelers who could not get used of the high altitude, a route from top (enter from West Gate) to the bottom will be more comfortable.
*See detailed information about high altitude sickness on High Altitude Sickness Tips

Each route is needed be finished within 1 hour.
Potala Palace Trip Tips
► Sightseeing Notes
1) Since 2006, the hall on the top of Potala Palace (Jingding) was close to the public. Halls inside the palace are also changes because of the renovation project in different periods. But those important halls are open everyday generally.

2) If your sightseeing time is enough. You can go around the palace in clockwise direction to see those pilgrims daily life.

♦ Tips on Taking Photos in Potala Palace
1) To take Potala Palace, the hill on the opposite road is the best place. It is easy to find this hill because there are two sign towers. It is charged site.
2) It is forbidden to take photos inside the palace. But it can take photos outdoors.


Potala Palace Trip Tips

There is a washroom on the right side of White Palace Square (Bai Gong Guang Chang). From then on, no washroom in Potala Palace sightseeing. So release yourself before entering White Palace .

Safety Tips

1) Safety checking process is needed before entering the palace. (lighters, knives are forbidden to carry in).
2) Potala Palace is located on a higher place. When climbing the stairs, be careful and walk slowly.

Wearing Tips
Don’t wear skirts or shorts, you may be forbidden to enter in.
It is cold inside the Potala Palace, better to take a jacket when inside even in the summer season

♦ Notices for Purchase Ticket

Potala Palace Trip Tips
Potala Palace presells tickets and also limits the number of tourists. Each day there are only allow 2300 tourists. The next day’s tickets are preselled after 17:00 each afternoon. Each people could only by 4 tickets and he should get the ticket purchasing voucher one day in advance and offer the ID card numbers. There is the visit time print on the tickets purchasing voucher of the next day, you can buy the tickets at the front day with your ID card then.
Place for getting the No.: The front door in off seasons; the west door in high season.
Enter sites: individual traveler enters the palace from the front door. Travel group enter the palace from the southeast corner door. Do not forget to take your ID Card and Passport with you.

Note for purchasing ticket: foreign tourists could not travel to Tibet by themselves, they need to book Tibet tour with China local agency so no need to worry about the Potala Palace ticket purchasing. problem.