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Lhasa Travel Tips

♦ Altitude stress
Altitude stress is normal physiology phenomenon, not need to worry too much. Before four days or a week going to Lhasa, you have better taking medicine in advance. If you catch a cold before going to Lhasa, you need to get well then you can go to Tibet. If catch a bad cold in Lhasa you need to pay attention, you should go to the hospital transfusion or oxygen uptake as soon as possible, if the sickness can not be treated in time it will cause other serious disease (pulmonary edema and swelling, etc.).
♦ Clothing
1. If it is in spring or fall, you need to bring warm clothes; morning and night temperature difference is very big.
2. Except for bringing summer clothing in summer, still need to wear pants, long sleeves, wind coat and sweaters to keep warm in the night.
3. No matter which season to Lhasa, better preparing sunglasses and sunscreen equipment, including the sun hat, sunscreen, and lip balm with sunscreen function is better.
♦ Security issues
Public security is good in Lhasa, local residents and the temple monks treat tourists very friendly. But there are few people pretending to be a Muslim who will sell to tourist by force and cheat tourists, need to pay more attention. There will be some beggars in Lhasa street, mostly young children and elderly women, you can prepare some more money and candy for them.

♦ Warm prompt
1. Tibet tourism departments remind: “Tibet tourism” logo posted on the car door will be cancelled now, and also the bus stick with a logo of “Tibet tourism” is not the tourist bus allowed by Tibet tourism department. Tourists to Tibet and Xinjiang from Zhangmu port need to pay attention about this.
2. In the highland, do not overeating, lest increase the stomach burden. Better eat more vegetables and fruits and other foods what are rich in vitamin, in order to better adapt to the plateau environment.
3. Entering into the Potala Palace, it is forbidden to take photos, so be careful camera is confiscated. Do not take pictures in Jokhang Temple too, the platform on the second floor allow taking photo. Sera Monastery and Drepung Temple can take pictures, but need to pay some money. If you want to take photo with monk, afterwards you have better give money as a token of his appreciation.
♦ Customs and taboos
Tibetan is a Buddhist nation, do as the Romans do when you go to Lhasa, be sure to respect the local customs.

1. Being presented with a Hada is a kind of etiquette to show Tibetan the highest hospitality specifications for guests of a warm welcome and sincere respect. The color of Hada is mainly white, also has a light blue or pale yellow, and generally is about 1.5 meters to 2 meters long. Best Hada is blue, yellow, white, green and red of five colors, use in the most solemn ceremony like Buddhist ceremony, etc.
2. When drinking buttered tea, after the host pours tea, guests need to wait for a while for that the host holds in both hands to give you tea, and then guests can take a drink; when guests want to refill, guests must put the bowl with both hands forward to show respect;
3. When you walking you see a temple, Marnyi Stone, pagodas and other religious facilities, must detour from left to right and Bonpo Temple should be counterclockwise instead that is from right to left; Shall not cross musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, brazier;
4. Enter into the temple, smoking, touch the figure of Buddha, double scriptures, bell and drum is not allowed. charms, prayers beads, such as religious artifacts carry by Lama can not to touch either; in the temple need to be silence, when have sit, the body need to be straight, and don’t sit in the seat of living Buddha;
5. Tibetans generally don’t eat fish, shrimp, chicken and eggs.
6. Don’t touch the top of the head of Tibetans.