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How to get to Mount Emei


Where is Mount Emei

Mount Emei Scenic Area(峨眉山风景区) is a natural sightseeing place as well as a cultural site, reputed for its magnificence, Buddhism temple and diverse vegetation. Mount Emei Scenic Area is located in Huangwang, Emeishan, Leishan, Sichuan, and in the central-south of Sichuan province. It is close to Ya’an, Chengdu and Yibin, and about 100 kilometers to Ya’an,  170 kilometers to Chengdu and 180 kilometers to Yibin.


How to Get Mount Emei

The location of Mount Emei is not a big city, thus tourists are advised to go to Chengdu first, then go to Mount Emei from Chengdu.  Here gives three options for tourists from Chengdu to Mount Emei. Option 1 is faster than option 2 and costs more, and option 3 is recommended to tourists with a large budget.

Option 1: Train(Recommended)

Everyday, there are about 20 trains from Chengdu to Emeishan, which are divided into four types, fast train(K), fast nonstop train(T), high speed train(G) and inter-city train(C). These trains start from Chengdudong Railway Station(成都东站), Chengdunan Railway Station(成都南站) and Chengdu Railway Station(成都火车站) and stop at Emei Railway Station(峨眉火车站) and Emeishan Railway Station(峨眉山火车站). Chengdu Railway Station is located in No.1, Zhandong road, Jinniu district, Chengdu, and tourists could go to this railway station by subway Line 1 and Line 7, and by public buses like No. 9, No. 16, No. 17, No. 27, No. 34, No. 36, No. 50, No. 54, No. 55, No. 65, ect. Chengdudong Railway Station is located in Qingyijiang road, Chenghua district, and tourists may get to there by taking a public bus, like No. 2, No, 38, No. 40, No.91, No. 101, No, 149 public bus. Chengdunan Railway Station is located in Tianfu Dadao, Wuhou district, and tourists could go to here by subway Line 1 and Line 2, or by public buses like No. 16, No, 19, No. 49, No. 112, No. 76, No. 111, etc.

Emei Railway Station is in the east of Mount Emei Scenic Area, about 10 kilometers away from the scenic area. From this railway station to the scenic area, tourists are advised to take a taxi, which costs about 35 yuan. Still tourists could walk about 830 meters to Yaozhongxiao bus stop, take No. 7 public bus and get off at the terminal stop, or tourists may take No. 8 public bus, get off at Emenshan Railway Station, then transfer to No. 7 public bus. Emeishan Railway Station is located in east of Mount Emei Scenic Area, about 5 kilometers away from it. After getting out of Emeishan Railway Station, tourists could take a taxi to the scenic area, and taxi fare is about 15 yuan.

Here is some information about trains from Chengdu to Emeishan

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Business Class Seat/ CNY First Class Seat/ CNY Second Class Seat/ CNY Hard Seat/ CNY Hard Sleeper / CNY Soft Sleeper/ CNY
C6253 Chengdudong 06:18 Emaishan 07:23 01:05   83 52      
T8865 Chengdu 07:51 Emei 09:59 02:08       23.5 69.5 105.5
G8669 Chengdunan 09:27 Emeshan 10:46 01:19 185 99 62      
K985 Chengdu 16:03 Emei 18:03 02:00       23.5 69.5 105.5
G8681 Chengdunan 20:59 Emeishan 22:12 01:13 185 99 62      

Option 2: Bus

Long distance bus from Chengdu to Emeishan starts at Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station and stops at Baoguo Temple Scenic Area in Emeishan which is a part of Mount Emei Scenic Area and in its east side. The bus travels a distance of 143 kilometers and takes about 2.5 hours, with a ticket of 35 yuan. Usually speaking, it starts at 07:40, 08:30, 09:20, 10:10, 11:00, 12:00, 12:50, 13:40, 14:30, 15:20, 16:10, 17:00, 18:00, and ends at 19:00.  Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station is located in No. 2, Xinnan road, Wuhou district. There are lots of buses passing though Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station, like No. 6, No. 21, No.28, No. 49 No. 35, No. 55 and No. 237 public bus.

Option 3:  Car Rental

Chartering a car is fast and convenient for tourists' travelling, but it is a bit expensive. If you are in a large group of 7 or so, or if you are in a big budget, you could charter a private car with an experience driver. Certainly, you could book a transfer service from a travel agency, like Topchinatravel. Our transfer service includes car, driver and tour guide, which may be adjusted according to your needs and requirements. If you book a transfer service from a travel agency, please make it at least one day ahead of time, otherwise they do not have enough time to arrange a car for you.


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