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China Travel & Independent Lanzhou Tour: Gansu Provincial Museum

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 Lanzhou Tour Itinerary

Lanzhou Tour & Lanzhou Travel Guide: Gansu Provincial Museum-White Pagoda Mountain Park- Five-Spring Mountain Park- Xiguan Shizi

Having a tour in Gangu, Lanzhou might be your first stop, then what is the highlight of Lanzhou tour? Today, I recommend you a highlight tour and a free, leisure  tour in Lanzhou, go to Gansu Provincial Museum in the morning in the morning, then White Pagoda Mountain Park and have a lunch in Xiguan Shizi. In the afternoon, you may go to Five-Spring Mountain Park, and have a shopping in Xiguan Shizi. You could cut or change the itinerary according to your own interests and schedule, and if you only have half day, please put Gansu Provincial Museum on the first. About transport, bus is recommended to, cause all these three attractions are not far away from city downtown.

Gansu Provincial Museum

Gansu Provincial Museum Facts

Gansu Provincial Museum(甘肃省博物馆) is located in No.3, Xijin west road, Qilihe district, close to Lanshouxi Railway Station. It is built in 1956, and occupies an area of over 20,000 square meters. Gansu Provincial Museum has four permanent exhibitions, Gansu Silk Road, Gansu Painted Pottery, Gansu Paleontological and Gansu Buddhist Art. Exhibition of Gansu Painted Pottery displays plenty of painted potteries made at about 5,000 BC-3,000 BC, respectively belonging to Dadiwan Culture, Yangshao Culture, Majiayao Culture, etc. Exhibition of Gansu Paleontological shows paleontological fossils unearthed in Gansu, which consists of several halls. Exhibition of Gansu Buddhist Art is composed of six unites, introducing history and development, and Buddhist art works. In the exhibition of Gansu Silk Road, tourists could see hundreds of pieces of historical relics, like painted pottery, jade ware, and bronze ware.

Gansu Provincial Museum Entrance Fee/ Ticket: FREE, but personal ID is needed for a free ticket.

Gansu Provincial MuseumOpening Hours: 09:00-17:00 and no admission after 16:00. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday and closes on Monday except national holidays.

Tour Guide: in visiting the Museum, you are suggested to hire a tour guide(person). For an English-speaking tour guide, you need to pay 200 yuan, if you are in a group of less than 10 persons, and 300 yuan, a group of 10-30 persons.

How to Get to Gansu Provincial Museum

Public bus: No.1, No.31, No. 106 and No. 137 public bus. Take No. 1 or No. 137 public bus, and get off at Qilihe bridge bus stop(七里河桥站), then walk about 400 hundred meters to Gansu Provincial Museum. No.1 public bus is  from Lanzhou Railway Station to Lanhzouxi Railway Station, and in service from 05:40-23:30.

White Pagoda Mountain Park

White Pagoda Mountain Park(白塔山公园) is located in the north of Lanzhou, at the riverbank of  Yellow River, famous for the White Pagoda on the mountain top where tourists could overlook the whole Lanzhou. The White Pagoda is first built in the Yuan Dynasty, then rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty, and it has a round foundation, a body of 7 floors in an octagon, and a green top. In the park, there are many other Buddhist buildings, like Yunyue Temple.

White Pagoda Mountain Park Entrance Fee/ Ticket: Free.

Ropeways. Ropeways from the opposite riverbank of Yellow River to the mountainside are available to tourists and visitors. The up journey costs 35 yuan, and the down journey costs 25 yuan, while a round trip costs 45 yuan.

White Pagoda Mountain Park/ Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00.

How to Get to White Pagoda Mountain Park

  • Take No. 20, No. 35, No. 53 or No. 131 public bus, and stop at White Pagoda Mountain Park bus stop(白塔山公园站).
  • Take No.9, No. 11, No. 15, No. 26, No, 34, or No. 136 public bus, and stop at Huanghe tieqiao bus stop(黄河铁桥站).
  • Take No.1, No.6, No.4, No. 75, No. 106, No. 131, or No. 137, and stop at Xiguan Shizi bus stop(西关什字站).

  • From Gansu Provincial Museum to White Pagoda Mountain Park, No. 53, No. 35, No. 137, and No. 1 public buses are available. You could take No. 1 public bus at Qilihe bridge bus stop and get off at Xiguan Shizi bus stop(西关什字站), then walk about 1 kilometer. Take No. 53 public bus at Qilihe bridge bus stop (七里河桥站), and get off at White Pagoda Mountain Park bus stop(白塔山公园站).

Lunch. After a tour White Pagoda Mountain Park, go and have a lunch at Xiguan Shizi(西关什字), a business district in Lanzhou, popular among local residents, tourists and visitors. You could have you lunch meal in here, and may taste local food and snacks, like Lanzhou beef noodles or Lanzhou hand pulled noodles(兰州拉面). After having a tasty meal, go and head to Five-Spring Mountain Park.

Five-Spring Mountain Park

Five Spring Mountain Park Facts 

Five Spring Mountain Park(五泉山公园), famous for five springs, is located in No. 103, Wuquan south road, Chengguan district, and the south of Lanzhou. It occupies an area of 267, 000 square meters, and has many buildings, like Buddhist buildings. Tourists and visitors could have a tour in here through three routes. This park also charges no admission fee.

Five Spring Mountain Park Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00

How to Get to Five Spring Mountain Park

  • Take No. 31, No. 33, No. 34, No. 106, No. 108, No. 141, or No. 140 public bus, and get off at Wuquanshan bus stop(五泉山站).

  • From Xiguan Shizi(西关什字) to Five-Spring Mountain Park, No. 123, No.139, No. 15, and No. 18 public buses are available, and you could take one of them, and get off at Wuquan Square bus stop(五泉广场站) or Five-Spring Mountain Park bus stop(五泉山公园站), then walk a short distance to the attraction.

After a tour in Five-Spring Mountain Park, you may go back to Xiguan Shizi and hang around the business district and buy some local products and handcrafts as souvenirs, then have a good rest, or leave Lanzhou. Lanzhou Food is recommended to you,  espcially Lanzhou noodles. In lanzhou, there are lots of Muslim restaurants, providing halal food.


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