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Best Time to visit Lanzhou

Lanzhou is located in the inland hinterland, the monsoon climate is obvious, the annual average temperature is about 9℃, the climate is dry, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Just like other cities in North China, Lanzhou has long autumn and winter, short spring and summer.
The best time to visit Lanzhou is from May to October, especially in September. During this period, the weather is comfortable. In addition, the distinctive Eid Al-Fitr Festival and the annual Lanzhou China Silk Road Festival is usually held in September. There will be many tourists gathering in Lanzhou, which is very lively.

Visit to Lanzhou in Spring

Lanzhou's spring is in March and April. It is the high season for dust weather. The main dust weather in Lanzhou is not the sand storm. During this season, the air outside is full of the smell of loess, which decreases the visibility. This kind of weather usually lasts for 2-3 days for one time. In Lanzhou City, this dust weather usually occurs for 4 to 5 times a year. The weather in spring is not stable. It may hot for some days and then cold for some days.

Visit to Lanzhou in Summer

Lanzhou's summer becomes normal after May 1st. With more rainfall, the dust in the air is reduced and the sky becomes clearer. In summer, the highest temperature can reach 40℃. Actually, the hot weather above 35℃ just lasts for less than 10 days, better than many other cities in China. As it is dry, the air is not sweltering, and the summer is comfortable in Lanzhou.

Visit to Lanzhou in Autumn

Since middle September to November, it is usually sunny in daytime, and a passing shower in evening. From November, the winter begins.

Visit to Lanzhou in Winter

The lowest temperature in winter is usually under -14℃. Heating supplies from middle November to the end of March. As there are less windy days in winter, it is usually grey in winter. Different from Chengdu, the grey weather is mainly due to the smoke dust. The winter is dry and not cold, even more comfortable then areas of South China.


The annual precipitation is 328 millimeters (12.91 inches), which is concentrated during the Summer, so pack an umbrella. The best season is usually from May to October when the temperature is most suitable. If local folk customs like festivals appeal to you, winter can be a good tourist season.
In winter, a warm coat, scarf, gloves, hat, and boots are needed.  All year round, a warm coat is a necessity on your trip to Lanzhou since the temperature can drop considerably in the evening. Other things to carry with you are a bottle of water and sun protection, especially a lip balm.


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