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How to Get to Luoping from Kunming

Where is Luoping?

Luoping (罗平)is under Qujing city, located in the east part of Yunnan Province, at the junction of Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces. It is east along Huangnihe River and neighbouring Xingyi of Guizhou Province. It is about 207km from Kunming with about 3 hours driving.

Kunming Luoping Map

Luoping is the rapeseed production base and also natural money producing and processing base in China. The vast rape flowers are blooming every February and March, it makes the Luoping Bazi (basin) golden with scattered hills, which is really picturesque view. Luoping Rape Flower Tourism Festival starts from January each year, but generally after Spring Festival. It depends on the weather condition. The best time to visit Luoping is February and March. It attracts domestic and overseas tourists, especially some photography enthusiasts to visit. This article is going to tell those tourist who plan to visit Luoping on their own.

How to get to Luoping from Kunming?

By Bus

There are 25 buses from Kunming East Bus Terminal (昆明东部客运站) to Luoping every day. The bus departs every 40 minutes from 07:00 am. The last bus departs at 18:20. It takes about 3.5 hours driving from Kunming to Luoping. Besides, if you travel to Yuanyang first, you can take bus from Yuanyang to Luoping directly. It goes Yuanyang-Gejiu-Mile-Luxi-Shizong and takes 7-8 hours. The bus fare is about CNY60-70 per person per way.

By Fast Train

Generally speaking, Kunming railway station is the transit station to Luoping. There are tourism fast trains between Kunming and Luoping during the Rape Flower Festival every year. Besides, the trains on Nanning-Kunming line have stop at Luoping Railway Station. There are 4 fast trains going to Luoping from kunming every day. The train fare from Kunming to Luoping is about CNY 37-140 per person per way. If you travel from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanning, Guiyang, ect to Luoping, we suggest you take train to Kunming first, then transit a train to Luoping, it will be helpful to save time, because only some long-distance slower train will have a stop at Luoping Station.

Train code Depart Arrive Duration
K366 07:50 11:05 3h15
K984 10:55 14:16 3h21
T382 21:12 00:33(+1) 3h21
K6148 12:10 15:36 3h21


If it early to drive to Luoping from Kunming. You can drive along Kunming-Qujing Highway to Qujing first, then drive following the signs. You can reach Luoping easily.

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