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Under the administration of Qujing City, located at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, China

Reasons to visit

A good site to learn unique ethnic customs; One of the most place to watch rape flowers in Spring in China

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Luoping County located about 228 kilometers northeast of Kunming, Yunnan province, where is the main habitation of Buyi ethnic people. Luoping County is famous for large scale rapeseed flowers. Rape flowers blossom in the early spring; thousands of tourists, especially shutterbugs are attracted to Luoping to appreciate the magnificent sea of rapeseed blossom. Endless blue sky, golden flowers spreading as far as you can see, and gentle breezes with refreshing floral, which make every tourist immerse in the flower heaven.
Travel Route
Northeast Direction: Luoshi Field, Jiulong Waterfall Group, Jinji Peak
Southeast Direction: Ten Thousand Huge Mountains, Duoyi River, Lubuge Lesser Three Gorges

Highlights of Luoping

• Canola Field
Luoping’s unique climate creates the unique ecological agriculture. Each year from February to March, the 20 contiguous acres canola flowers are in full bloom in competing at Luobazi. During the annual Canola Flower Tourism Festival issues the spring invitation to overseas tourists and attracts numerous domestic and overseas friends to Luoping to see the flowers and taste fresh honey.
• Duoyi River Scenic Area
The Duoyi River-Lubuge Scenic Area is located is located in Luoping County of Yunnan Province. The scenic area extends 12 km to Sanjiangkou. In the scenic area, there are about 40 waterfalls. It has ancient wood and tall bamboos at both sides of the river, with rich colors. At Sanjiangkou, where is the junction of Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou, Duoyi River flows into Nanpang River.  
• Jinji Peaks
Jinji Peaks are located at the northeast of Luoping County. From Luoping County, along the State Road 324 driving eastward for 12 kilometers, there are lots of conical hills, distributing at Bazili, which is Jinji Peaks. It covers an area of about 100 square km. In winter and spring, hundreds of thousands of acres of canola flowers bloom at Baizli together into a piece of golden sea. In the wind of the spring, the golden canola flower waves swing in the sunlight, very beautiful and amazing. Jinji Peaks is the core scenic area, where the hills attach hills and overlapping peaks. In the sunlight, the conical peaks look very magnificent. Luoping’s morning is foggy, while Jinji Peaks’ frog is more special. Dozens of peaks float in flog, and then, along with the sunrise, flog become thinner and thinner, more and more peaks appear with sunlight on them. Later, the flog drops away, the “golden sea” appears.

The Dahei Hill at the left side of Sate Road 324 is the best spot to watch the scenic of Jinji Peaks. On the hilltop looking ahead, the panoramic view of Jinji Peaks all appears. The different shape peaks in different season decorate the endless green or yellow canola flower “sea” one cone shapes, in different seasons, decorated in the endless ​​green or yellow canola flower sea. The peaks some are hundreds meters high, some just more than 10 meters high, with different shapes. Each solitary peak likes isle in the flower sea.
• Jiulong Waterfalls
Jiulong Waterfalls is China's largest waterfalls landscape located on the Jiulong River, 22 km from east of Luoping County in Yunnan Province. Jiulong waterfalls was appraised and elected the forth beautiful waterfall among “the Six Most Beautiful Waterfalls in China” in the “Beauty China” activity of Chinese National Geography. Jiulong waterfalls drop 10 layers, with the average annual flow of 18 cubic meters per second. Each waterfall has different pose, or powerful, or dangerous, or beautiful. The scenery changes with seasons and size of the flow. Each waterfall connects other waterfalls and forms shallow or deep pools. The most spectacular waterfall is the "Dragon Waterfall". It drops 56 meters, and is 112 meters wide, with arc-shaped surface. Behind the waterfall, there is a water curtain cave about 10 m deep. The round pool under the waterfall is unfathomable. The No.2 waterfall is “Valentine Waterfall”, 43 m high and 39 m wide, with quite and deep pool. The Shilong Waterfall and Jiulong No.3 waterfall all have their own features. Biri Pool, Yueya Lake and Xishui Pool are all very beautiful. Taking the cable car to reach the summit viewing platform, you can see the waterfalls’ panoramic scenery. 
There are also several other famous attractions such as Lashan Lake, Baila Mountian, Yudai Lake, Jinji Mountian, Ten Thousand Huge Mountain… which you can have a visit if you have enough time.

Best Location to See Flowers

Luosi field (spiral shell) located in north of Luoping county and Jinji Peak (golden pheasant peak) in the south, and Thousands of Mountain is the best place to enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Luosi Field, as well as Yuanyang Rice Terrace, Dongchuan Red Soil and Meili Snow Mountain are known as "four hot places in Yunnan". During the rape flowers’ blooming season, there are many shutterbugs recorded the curve of Luosi Field and the rape flowers growing with the curve with their full-length or short lens, and rape flowers dotted with shiny green wheat seeding, green trees and blue water.
Jinji Peak sunrise and the sunset is very beautiful, where is the best place to shoot. Jinji Peak is like a single rowboat sailing in the ripples of the golden sea from ten thousand acres of sea of flowers. The spring breeze stroke, and sometimes you will see a few girls and boys dressed in colorful traditional Buyi costume appeared in the rape flowers fields in the distance.
Thousands of Mountains present turriform, taper, perfectly round shape, tens of meters to hundreds meters high. Overlooking the mountains and peaks, tightly spread, towering magnificent, green mountain sea, which is absolute wonderful. Different from the majestic Mount Tai, dangerously steep Mount Huashan, and the peculiar Mount Huangshan, Thousands of Mountains are the power of a group that incisively and vividly expresses magnificent life forms.

Transport Information

Luoping county transportation: during Cauliflower Festival every day there is tourist-dedicated train from Kunming to Luoping. Also there are many buses from Kunming to Luoping every day, almost every hour a bus. From Kunming to Luoping there is the train, start in the morning at 8:10, then come back from Luoping in the afternoon at 14:00.
• Inter Transport

The transportation in Luoping is convenient and the minibus stops if you hail. Around the bus station there are many minibus and taxi. The taxi in Luoping can bargain with the driver. The bus in Luoping will depart once there are full of people in the bus, so if you are not alone, you have better to take taxi (including minibus or car).
Public Bus
There are a lot of public buses in Luoping, which costs only 1 RMB and it is the most cost-optimal transport vehicle. In addition, there is a tourist bus line, and it route is “Luoping-Small Three Gorges- Lubuge Power Station- Duoyi River- Luoping”.

How to Go to Luoping

• Kunming to Luoping
It takes around 4 hours from Kunming to Luoping no matter you take long-distance coach or train. Nanning-Kunming Railway Line or tourist express you can reach to Luoping, cost is around CNY17-30. During Luoping Canola Festival, there are special tourism lines from Kunming to Luoping every day. You need to know, the trains depart less frequency than long distance coach, but long distance coach takes more time than train, Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
Train from Kunming to Luoping Schedule
Code Departure Arrive Duration
7452 7:30 14:08 6h38mins
K366 08:00 11:23 3h23mins
K1206 08:55 12:26 3h31mins
K984 10:55 14:22 3h27mins
K6148 12:10 15:36 3h26mins
T382 21:13 00:33 3h18mins

• Guilin to Luoping
There is only one direct train from Guilin to Luoping, and it takes more than 15 hours. We suggest you take bullet train from Guilin to Kunming, and then take train or bus from Kunming to Luoping.
T381—12:35~04:34(duration: 15h59mins)

• Guangzhou to Luoping
It takes more than 20 hours from Guangzhou to Luoping. We suggest you take flight from Guangzhou to Kunming first, and then take bus or train to Luoping.
Train from Guangzhou to Luoping Schedule
Code Departure
Arrive Duration
K365 09:42 07:06 21h24mins
K1206 17:25 16:59 23h34mins

• Yuanyang to Luoping
Yuanyang to Luoping——long distance buses. There are no diract buses from Yuanyang to Luoping at present,you need to change buses via some other cities. Usually the whole journey takes nearly 8 hours.The common options are:
  • Yuanyang——Gejiu; Gejiu——Luoping;
  • Yuanyang——Gejiu; Gejiu——Mile; Mile——Luoping;
  • Yuanyang——Gejiu; Gejiu——Shilin; Shilin——Luoping;
  • Yuanyang——Kunming; Kunming——Luoping.

Luoping Travel Tips

The flowering phase of Luoping Rape Flowers is from the end of February to the early March. So the best time to see Luoping rape flowers should be February and March. The best tourist season of Luoping is rape flowers’ open time, usually at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Yunnan Luoping Rape Flowers Tourist Festival starts on February 21 or so each year in general, usually the rape flowers opened after the Spring Festival. Attention should be paid to the timing of the rape flower blooming period, if the day is warm in early time then flowers open earlier, therefore early in March will not have chance to see flowers; if the day is warm in later time then flowers open late. No specific day, the flowering time is different year after year, just pay more attention to the news on the net.
It is suitable to visit Luoping for two days. The first day can appreciate thousands mu of rape flowers, and the second day can pay visit to Jiulong Waterfall and Duoyi River Scenic Area. Jiulong Waterfall and Duoyi River is in the same line, and forms a tourists circle with Lubuge Small Three Gorges.

Travel Guide of Luoping County

Recommended Visiting Time: one to two days
- Canola flowers: the world's largest natural garden (canola fields)
- Duoyi River Scenic Area
- Jiulong Waterfall
Best time to visit: late February to March. Luoping Canola Flower Tourism Festival generally starts around January each year. Usually after the Spring Festival, the canola flowers blossom. Generally speaking, canola flower is sustainable to early April, and mid-March is primetime. Pay attention to the timing of blossoming of canola flower. In warm days, the flower blossoms earlier. There is no particular day. Every year is different, and we should pay more attention to online news.
Festival: the Water-Sprinkling Festival on the 3rd day of the third lunar Month

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