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How to Get to Dongchuan from Kunming

How to Get to Dongchuan Red Land from Kunming

Where is Dongchuan Red Land?

Dongchuan Red Land (东川红土地) is located in the northeastern part of Kunming, belonging to Red Land Town under DONGCHUAN district of Kunming. It is about 250 km from the downtown of Kunming. The main attractions are s at an altitude between 1800 meters and 2600 meters. The red soild in Dongchuan is developed due to the high temperatures and rainy weather, which are rich in iron and aluminum, less organic matter. Besides, the acidity of the soil is strong and it is a kind of heavy clay soil. The red land in Dongchuan is the most typical and the most characteristic red soil in Yunnan Red Plateau. Lined with blue sky, white clouds and that the vagaries of light, it constitutes the spectacular red land view.


The best photography season for Dongchuan Red Land is from May to June and from September to December. Tourists can see different scenery in different seasons, photo blossoming and wheat maturing in summer, part plowed lands and part with green barley or wheat in autumn, when the unique white canola flowers of Yunnan are in bloom. It makes the red land colorful.

The beautiful view of Dongchuan Red Land attracts many tourists to visit each year. We are going to introduce the transportation of how to get to Dongchuan from Kunming as below for those who are interested in Dongchuan view.

How to get to Dongchuan Red Land from Kunming?

By Car

♦Kunming-Dongchuan District

When you decide to travel to Dongchuan from Kunming, there are 4 buses running between Kunming North Bus Station (北部客运站) and dongchuan every day. The bus depart times are 15:30, 15:35, 15:40, 15:45. The bus fare is about CNY58 per person per way. You may also take commercial vehicle around Kunming Changshui Airport at 8:00, 9:30, 10:00. It takes about 2 hours to reach Dongchuan. 

♦Dongchuan District - Dongchuan Red Land

Tourists could take the bus to Fazhe (法者)at Dongchuan District Bus Station. The bus can stop at some main attractions of Dongchuan Red Land, such as Huagou (花沟) and Hua Shi Tou (花石头), ect. But this bus is limited. It departs only at 08:00 and 12:50 when you check at the ticket window. The bus fare is about CNY25 per person per way.

By Car Rental

Another way from Dongchuan to Red Land is to rent a car or mini-van. How to get to Dongchuan from Kunming by car? There some 7-seat mini vans or 5-seat cars in Dongchuan. If you a group of 1-2 persons, the price for one way is about CNY100-150 per car. If the vehicle is larger and newer, the price is higher If you are a group of 4-6 persons, it is great to rent a car or van to the Red Land, which is more convenient than bus.

By Self-driving 

How to get to Dongchuan from Kunming by self-driving? If you are self-driving tourist, you will arrive in Kunming first, no matter from which direction. Then you could drive along Gongshan-Dongchuan Expressway, which opened to traffic on January 23, 2019. It only takes two hours from kunming to dongchuan. 

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