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Jiuzhaigou Tour Tips

As one of the world famous attractions, a tour to Jiuzhaigou should be listed in the lifetime. Here we would like to list some useful tips on your Jiuzhaigou tour so that you can get touch with the highlight of this place.

Q: How many days should I spend in Jiuzhaigou?

A: For general travellers including amateurish photographers, 1 day in Jiuzhaigou is enough to catch all the highlights. For professional photographers who carry tripod long lens, 2 days will be better.
TCT suggests you just plan 1 day tour in Jiuzhaigou if travel there in peak season because the re-entry will charge another full ticket fees (220RMB + 90RMB) which have not discount.

Q: How to do sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou?

A: You can find more details in Jiuzhaigou Sightseeing Tips page.

Q: How is the opening time?

A: Jiuzhaigou opening time will be different according to different season:
May 1 – November 15: 7:00am to 7:00pm
November 16 – April 30: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Q: How about the ticket price?

A: Ticket price of Jiuzhaigou is based on different seasons:
High Season
Low Season
Entrance Fee: 220RMB
One Day Bus Ticket: 90RMB
Entrance Fee: 80RMB
One Day Bus Ticket: 80RMB
High Season: April 1 – November 15
Low Season: November 16 – March 31
See more details on Jiuzhaigou Tikcet Information page

Q: Re-entry in low season

A: Re-entry in low season will be a great choice. Less people and less cost.
From the Jiuzhaigou Official Website Instruction:
During the low peak season the second day ticket costs 20 RMB. When purchasing your ticket you will be asked if you would like to enter the park for one or two days. If you would like to spend two days in the park you need to pay for the second day together with your first day’s ticket. Your photo will be taken on entry to the park to validate your second day’s ticket. If you pay for a one-day ticket and decide that you would like to re-enter on the second day you must tell the park staff on the way out, before you exit the park. This offer is only valid for two consecutive days in the off peak season.

Q: How about the high altitude sickness in Jiuzhaigou?

A: Jiuzhaigou Area is in a comparative high altitude. Although people may have less serious high altitude sickness than in Tibet, while some necessary measurements for avoiding upsets are also needed.
Jiuzhaogou Valley Main Attractions Altitudes
Shuzheng Valley
Rhinoceros Lake: 2315m
Tiger Lake: 2298m
Reeds Lake:2140m
Rize Valley
Mirror Lake: 2390m
Pearl Shoal: 2433m
Five Flowers Lake: 2472m
Panda Lake: 2587m
Arrow Bamboo Lake: 2618m
Zechawa Valley
Five Colored Lake: 2995m
Long Lake: 3060m

Jiuzhaigou Tour Do’s and Don’ts

1. Be careful when take photos with local things such as local people and local yak. If you want to take photos for the yak on the road, firstly you better to ask your driver or guide whether it is free for shooting or not.
2. Respect the Tibetan people custom in Jiuzhaigou. Don’t be unpolite for the local people.
3. Prepare vacuum cup with hot drink during your Jiuzhaigou winter tour because it is hardly to find hot water supplement during in the scenic area.
4. If you have high altitude sickness situation such as polypnea, dizzy, or nausea. Don’t worry, just sit down and have a rest, if necessary you can prepare chocolate before enter into Jiuzhaigou for easing uncomfortable feeling caused by high altitude.