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Jiayuguan Facts

is located in the middle of Hexi Corridor, at the northwest part of Gansu Province. It has Jiuquan City to its north, Yumen City to its west, Qinlian Mountain lying at its south border with Sunan Yugur Autonomous County, Heishan Mount at its north and about 776 km away from Lanzhou City. 
Jiayuguan Pass is the western starting point of the Great Wall and enjoys the reputation of  "World’s Greatest Pass”. The city was founded in 1965. The administration area is 2935 square km with urban area 60 square km. The city's permanent population is 300,000 and urbanization rate of 91%.
Jiayuguan City boasts rich tourism recourses. There are cultural landscapes such as: magnificent Han and Ming Great Wall, Jiayuguan Pass, the First Fire Tower of the Great Wall, Overhanging Great Wall, Weijin Tomb, Heishan cliff painting, and natural landscape as the Qiyi Glacier, Qinlian Mountian and Dessert Mirage. Also the first “Great Wall Museum” is built in hit city. One of the three world’s famous Glide bases is located here-Jiayuguan International Glide Base. Here you can also join many explore activities such as valley exploration, desert exploration, ghost city exploration and so on. You will never regret for your tour to this amazing city.
Jiayuguan Pass was approved as one of the national key cultural protection units by the State Council in 1961 and was listed as one of the world’s cultural heritage sites by the UNESCO in 1987.
Area Code: 0937
Zip Code: 735100
Area: 2935 square kilometers
Geographic Position: east longitude 98 ° 17 ', north latitude 39 ° 47 '
Landmark: Jiayuguan Pass
Population: 300,000
Administrative Division: Jiayuguan has 3 management districts: Xiongguan District, Changcheng District, Tingtie District. There are 6 sub-district offices: Wuyi, Xinhua, Qianjin, Shengli, Jianshe, Jingtieshan, and 3 town:Yuquan Town, Wenshu Town, Xincheng Town are under the administration of Jiayuguan City. The whole area of Jiayuguan City is 2935 square kilometers with planning urban area of 80 square kilometers.
History Background: Jiayuguan Pass is the western starting point of the Great Wall and one of the important hubs on Silk Road. It was originally built in 1372 during Ming Dynasty.
In 1958, along with one key project of the “First Five Year” – Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company built here, here developed in to a modern city gradually, and in 1967 Jiayuguan City was founded. In 1971, it was approved by the State Council to be a provincial city.
Geography: 776 km away from Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu, Jiayuguan has the oil city – Yumen City to its west, Qinlian Mountain to its south and Heishan Mountain to its north. It is about 650 km away from Kumul of Xinjiang and 300 km away from Qinhai City. The geographic position: of it is east longitude 98 ° 17 ', north latitude 39 ° 47 '. The altitude of the whole city is about 1412 – 2722 m. Oasis’s altitude is about 1450-1700 m. The terrain of the city is flat. It has various land types. In the middle and west of the area, there are mainly the Gobi deserts, which is also the urban area and industrial enterprises located. Oasis is mainly located in southeast and northeast part, which is agricultural district.
Climate: Jiayuguan City belongs to temperate continental desert climate. The annual average temperature is between 6.7℃-7.7℃, The sunshine time of a year is about 8,000 hrs. Annual average natural precipitation is 85.3mm and evaporation capacity is 2149mm. Annual frost-free period is about 130 days.

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