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Top 6 Things to Do in Huangshan

Huangshan, a city located in the southern part of Anhui Province, is mainly well-known for Huangshan Mountain. As the hometown of Huizhou merchants in the ancient times and the birthplace of Huizhou culture, what you could explore in Huangshan is not only the natural wonder of Huangshan Mountain, the long history and splendid culture in the old villages and streets may leave you a wonderful impression as well. What to do in Huangshan? Here we picked the top 6 things to do in Huangshan for you to explore the best of Huangshan.


1.Explore Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain, one of the most famous mountains in China, is praised as the most fantastic mountain under heaven due to the spectacular geological landforms. As a famous geographer in Ming Dynasty said after visiting Huangshan Mountain, no mountain will ever show in your eyes after visiting Huangshan Mountain, that’s how exceptional Huangshan Mountain is.

Strange-shaped pines and stones, spectacle sea of cloud and mist, natural Hot Springs and waterfalls are what you can’t miss for Huangshan Mountain. Famous spots such as Bright Summit Peak, Lotus Peak, Guest-Greeting Pine, Dispelling Cloud Pavilion, West Sea Grand Canyon and Flying Stone are highly recommended.

Huangshan Mountain


2.Step into a picturesque world in Hongcun Village

Hongcun Village, a World Cultural Heritage Site, is one of the most famous historical and cultural towns in China. There are more than 140 well-preserved ancient houses from Ming and Qing Dynasty boosted in the village peacefully, with characteristic construction features of traditional Huizhou style. Unique ancient houses along with wonderful water views, the picturesque and tranquil sceneries help Hongcun Village win the reputation of “A Village in the Chinese Paintings”.

Visit Hongcun Village is believed to be one of the top things to do in Huangshan. Highlights in Hongcun Village are Nanhu Lake and Yuezhao Lake, you may get different but beautiful views from each season.

Hongcun Village


3.Have an enjoyable time in Xidi Village

Xidi Village is also a World Cultural Heritage Site in Huangshan. All the roads in the village are stoned-paved, with the traditional Huizhou style architectures of wooden and brick construction, amounts of wood carvings stone carvings and brick carvings, you may have a chance to appreciate the perfect design of old alleys, streams with distinctive buildings.

It is an outdoor museum of historical architectures from Ming and Qing Dynasty, which merits the reward as a treasure of ancient residential buildings. Have an enjoyable time in Xidi Village to explore the local history and culture will no doubt to be one of the top things to do in Huangshan.

Xidi Village


4.Go shopping along Tunxi Old Street

Tunxi Old Street has been awarded as one of the most famous historical and cultural ancient streets in China, along with Pingjing Road in Suzhou and Guozijian Street in Beijing. With one main street and other small alleys among hundreds of particular architectures in Huizhou style, Tunxi Old Street is also the best-preserved ancient commercial street for Song, Ming and Qing Dynasty.

As the most prosperous area in Huangshan, go shopping along Tunxi Old Street will be one of the top things for you to do in Huangshan. You can take a stroll along the street, seek for some delicious local snacks and stylistic specialties like tea, ink and inkstones, it’s really a suitable choice for you to slow down your pace and enjoy your amazing trip in Huangshan.

Tunxi Old Street


5.Try Anhui Cuisine and various tea in Huangshan

Kinds of sceneries may glut your eyes, while Anhui Cuisine and local tea in Huangshan may also give you a great satisfaction. You can try local food such as Hairy Tofu, Steaming Chukar and Smelly Mandarin Fish.

Local tea in Huangshan enjoy a great fame in China and also in the world, you could try Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Qinmen Black Tea and other green tea, or you can even buy some if you love drinking tea.


6.A photography trip with Huangshan and Wuyuan

Wuyuan, a small county near Huangshan, will be an ideal choice for you to start a photography trip with Huangshan. Reputed as the most village in China, Wuyuan kindly provide all the tourists a great chance to enjoy both natural views and ancient architectures. What we have to mention is the sea of rape flowers in spring, create an extraordinary picture with the background of amounts of stylistic buildings. Moreover, autumn in Wuyuan is also wonderful, the beautiful maple leaves add more color to the fantastic picture.



Create an unforgettable memory in Huangshan

Mt. Huangshan must be the top reason for you to visit Huangshan city, but go sightseeing on Huangshan Mountain is not the only thing you could do in Huangshan. A combination with scenic and cultural trip will make your Huangshan tour more meaningful and unforgettable.

►4 Days Mt. Huangshan Highlight Tour: Mt. Huangshan, Tunxi Old Street, Xidi Village, Hongcun Village

►4 Days Huangshan to Wuyuan Photo Tour: Mt. Huangshan, Hongcun Village, Wuyuan Countryside

Only about 3 hours by high speed train between Shanghai and Huangshan, you could definitely consider connect your Huangshan tour with Shanghai, or even Suzhou and Hangzhou, since it’s really convenient.

►9 Days Best Scenery Trip Around Shanghai: Shanghai, Tongli Water Town, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Mt. Huangshan

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts, we’re pleased to help you with your Huangshan travel plan. You can also tailor-made your own Huangshan tour at Free Online Tailor-made Tour to create your unique Huangshan memory.

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