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Huangshan VS Huashan, Which Is Better to Visit

Huangshan and Huashan are the most famous mountains in China, popular for hiking or mountain climbing to tourists from home and abroad. For tourists from other countries, you may be not so familiar with this two mountains, but still want to go for visiting. Thus, we here make a contrast of Huangshan and Huashan, and tell the most useful information about them for you to choose which to visit.


Table for Huangshan VS Huashan

  Huangshan Huashan
Famous for

unique shapes of stones, pine greeting guests,

sea of clouds, and spring

the most dangerous mountains in China

Best time to visit April to October April to November
Main peaks

3 main peaks

Tiandu Peak, Lianhua Peak, Guangming Ding

5 main peaks

South Peak, North Peak, Middle Peak

East Peak, West Peak

Best places to visit

Xihai Grand Canyon, Tiandu Peak, Money Watching Sea

the Pine Welcoming Guests, Guangmingding Peak

East Peak, South Peak

Changkong Plank Road

Tour days 1-2 days 1-2 days
Excursion/Package Shanghai/Hangzhou+Huanghsan Xian+Huashan
Where to stay Baiyun Hotel, Beihai Hotel Dongfeng Hotel, Beifeng Hotel


Choose Huangshan or Huashan for visiting

► Choose Huashan over Huangshan for visiting

Mount Huashan-Huangshan VS Huashan, which is better to visit

1. Climbing the most dangerous mountain in China and watching its captivating views, to experience thrilling moments.

2. The climbing paths are very challenging, and they will give you fast heartbeats and great satisfaction. The challenge makes Huashan an unstoppable trip to so many people.

3. Huashan is the sacred place for Taoism, with over 20 Taoist temples and 72 half-hanging Taoist caves. You could visit those places and learn Chinese religious culture.

4. If you are making a trip to Xian or Beijing, Huashan is a better choice in distance, transportation and convenience.

 Choose Huangshan over Huashan for visiting


1. Huangshan is the most beautiful mountain famous for its pines, strange stones, sea of clouds, spring and waterfalls, and you could take gorgeous pictures in here all year round.

2. Huangshan has 72 peaks with 3 main peaks, and the highest peak is Lianhua Peak, 1864.8 meters, and you could have 2-3 days hiking and mountain climbing.

3. Huangshan is the perfect place for you to watch seal of clouds and mountain scenery in China.

4. If you are in Hangzhou or Shanghai, please don't miss Mount Huangshan.

5. Mount Huangshan is close to several great places, like Chengkan Villages, Hongcun Village, and Tunxi Old Street in Huangshan

Huangshan VS Huashan: location & Transportation

Huangshan VS Huashan on China map

 Mount Huangshan location. Mount Huangshan is located in Tangkou Town, Huangshan City, close to Shanghai and Hangzhou. Huangshan City has 1 airport and 1 railway station, Huangshan Tunxi International Airport and Huangshanbei Railway Station. Most tourists would like take high speed train to Huangshan from Shanghai or Hangzhou.

 Mount Huangshan transportation: how to get to Mount Huangshan from airport or railway station.

1. From Huangshan Airport to Mount Huangshan, tourists could take taxi, which would take about 1 hour in a distance of 57 km, or take airport to Huangshan downtown, then take tourist bus to Mount Huangshan.

2. From Huangshanbei Railway Station to the south gate Huangshan Scenic Area, there are tourist buses available from 08:30 to 18:50, and Tourists could buy tickets at the ticket hall of Huangshanbei Railway Station, and each ticket costs 20 yuan. Moreover, buses go to the north gate or west gate of Mount Huangshan are also available at the railway station. The journey would take about 50 min.

 Mount Huashan location. Mount Huashan is located in Huayin City, abut 117 km from Xian Railway Station with 1.5 hours of driving. Tourists could take train or take bus from Xian to Mount Huashan.

 Mount Huangshan transportation: How to get to Mount Huashan from Xian.

1. Train to Mount Huashan from Xian. From Xianbei Railway Station(Xian Metro Line 2) to HuashanBei Railway Station, take high speed train, then take public bus No. 1 or No. 2 to Huashan Tourist Center. From Xian Railway Station to Huashan Railway Station, take fast train, then take public bus No.608 to Huashan Tourist Center.

2. Bus to Mount Huashan from Xian.  From East Square at Xian Railway Station to Huashan Tourist Center, take No.1 tourist bus at 6:45 AM-09:00 AM, about 2 hours and 22 yuan per person. From East Square at Xian Railway Station to Yuquanyuan, take tourist bus, about 2 hours and 36 yuan person.


Huangshan VS Huashan: Best Time to Visit & Weather

 Best time to visit Mount Huangshan: from April to November.

Mount Huangshan winter-Huangshan VS Huashan, which is better to visit

In fact, suitable time for visiting Mount Huangshan is all year round, from January to December. Most tourists visit Huangshan at spring, summer or autumn, and some tourists like to see the pure snow world of Mount Huangshan. Huangshan also has superb scenery in winter.

 Huangshan weather: Mount Huangshan is in the south of  China, has warmer weather and more rainy days compared to Mount Huashan. It has an annual temperatureof 7.9℃, the highest would reach 27℃, and the lowest down to -22℃ in winter. The rainy days is mainly in months from April to July, and the snow days mainly in January.

 Best time to visit Huashan: from April to October.

mount Huashan-Huangshan VS Huashan, which is better to visit

Mount Huashan has distinctive sceneries in four seasons, therefore tourist could visit Huashan at anytime. Most tourists tend to visit Mount Huashan from April to October, because of the favor of weather, but some chose to go in winter. if you visit Mount Huashan in winter, you need to prepare solid warm clothes, because it would be frigid on the mountain top, and take care of your steps in the case it snows.

 Huashan weather. Huashan has an average annual temperature of 6.8 ℃, and the temperature from the foot to the top would lower about 10 ℃, due to its elevation. Huashan is cold in winter, with heavy snows, and it snows from mid-to-late November. On the mountain with an elevation over 1,000 meters, the average temperature of the coldest month is from -2.5  ℃to 10 ℃ and the lowest could plummet to -40℃. In spring from March to May, the weather turns to be better. On the mountain with an elevation over 1,000 meters, the average temperature of the hottest month is from 21 ℃ to 24 ℃.


Huangshan VS Huashan: Best Places to Visit

► Best places to visit in Huangshan

Mount Huangshan

(Money Watching Sea)

Huangshan Huangshan Scenic Area covers six sub-attrations, Wenquan, Yuping, Diaoqiao, Beihai, Songyan and Yungu, and each attraction has its own distinctiveness. It has 72 peaks in total, with 3 main peaks Tiandu Peak, Lianhua Peak, Guangmingding Peak as the most famous ones. Huangshan is featured with 5 gorgeous things, that is, pines, strange stones, sea of clouds, spring and waterfalls.

Xihai Grand Canyon, Tiandu Peak, Money Watching Sea, the Pine Welcoming Guests, Guangmingding Peak. Xihai Grand Canyon under Danxia Peak gathers many upright mountains, forming a splendid picture of green mountains. Tiandu Peak is the most dangerous place in Mount Huangshan, and the Pine Welcoming Guests in Yuping is the representative of pines in Mount Huangshan. Money Watching Sea in Beihai refers a stone which looks like a money overlooking the mountain sea. Guangmingding Peak is the best place to watch sunrise and sea of cloud.

► Best places to visit in Mount Huashan

Mount Huashan Changkong Plank Road
(Changkong Plank Road)

Mount Huashan has 5 main peaks, East Peak, West Peak, North Peak, South Peak and Middle Peak, and each of them has magnificent views. East Peak is the best place for watching sunrise, South Peak is the highest peak with the best view, and the most dangerous Changkong Plank Road is in the South Peak.

The most dangerous climbing paths in Mount Huashan: Changkong Plank Road, Canglongling, Qianchizhuang, Baichixia and Laojun ligou.Changkong Plank Road, as the most dangerous, hangs on the mountain cliff, with a width less than 1 meters. Qianchizhuang, Baichixia and Laojun ligou are on the way from Yuquanyuan to the North Peak. Most climbing paths have iron chains on the cliff to assist your climbing, because the paths are extremely narrow. Thus for climbing Mount Huashan, you need to prepare gloves to protect your hands, and wear profession clothes and shoes for long-hour climbing.


Huangshan VS Huashan: Best Places & Time to Watch Sunrise

Mount Huangshan sunrise
(Mount Huangshan Sunrise)

  Huangshan Huashan
Best places to watch sunrise

Guangmingding Peak, Yupinglou

Aoyu Peak, Lion Peak

East Peak
Best places to watch sunrise

Paiyun Pavilion, Guangmingding Peak

Danxia Peak, Lion Peak, Gongyang Peak

West Peak
Best places to watch sea of clouds:

Yupinglou, Qingliangtai, Paiyun Pavilion

Bai'e'ling, Guangmingding Peak.


Notes: best time watch sea of clouds:from October to February.


  Huangshan Huashan
Time to watch sunrise





7:42-7:47(January, February), 6:35-7:10(March, April)

5:29-5:44(May, June), 5:31-5:44(July, August)

6:15-6:29(September, October), 7:03-7:24(November, December)

Time to watch sunset





17:45-18:03(January, February), 18:35-18:56(March, April)

19:28-19:38(May, June), 19:44-19:57(July, August) 

18:04 -19:10 (September, October), 17:35-18:47(November, December)

Notes: Specific time for watching sunrise and sunset in Huangshan or Huashan, you could ask hotel stuff in hotel you will check in when you in Huangshan or Huashan, because they have specific time for every month.


Huangshan VS Huashan: Where to Stay

Whether it is in Huangshan or Hua, you could book hotels around the scenic area or hotels on the mountain foot or mountain top If you want to watch sunrise or stay 1 night on the mountain, you are advised to book hotel on mountains near places to watch sunrise.

► Hotels in Mount Huangshan:

Mount Huangshan Beihai Hotel19:44-19:57Beihai Hotel)

Hotels in Beihai: Beihai Hotel, Shilin Hotel. Those hotels close to Yungu ropeway, and convenient for watching sunrise in Qingliangtai, and sunset in Lion Peak.

Hotel in Donghai: Bai'e Hotel(Gongyang Peak), close to the upper station of Yungu ropeway, and convenient for watching sunset in Bai'e'ling.

Hotels in Xihai: Xihai Hotel and Paiyunlou Hotel, close to Xihai Grand Canyon, Paiyun Pavilion and Danxia Peak, convenient for watching sunrise and sunset in Danxia Peak.

Hotels in Tianhai: Baiyun Hotel and Tianhai Hotel, close to Guangmingding Peak, and convenient for watching sunrise and sunset in Guangmingding Peak and Ao'yu Peak.

Hotel in Yupinglou: Yupinglou Hotel.

► Hotels in Mount Huashan:

There are so many hotels in Mount Huashan in main peaks from mountain foot to mountain top, and you could chose one according to your hiking routes and actual needs.

Hotel in North Peak: Huashan Beifeng Hotel, close to Huashan ropeway-ride place.

Hotel in Wuyun Peak: Huashan Wuyunfeng Hotel.

Hotel in East Peak: Dongfeng Hotel and Yingyang Hotel, convenient for watching sunrise in East Peak.

For saving money in accommodation, you could chose to climb Mount Huashan in night at 10:00 PM, and when you arrive the mountain top, you could enjoy the amazing sunrise.


Huangshan VS Huashan: Hiking Routes Map

► Huangshan hiking routes map:

Mount Huangshan Map-Huangshan VS Huashan, which is better to visit


► Huashan hiking routes map:

mount huashan map-Huangshan VS Huashan, which is better to visit

For specific information about hiking routes and cable car lines please go and read:

Still, they also offer information about opening hours, ticket, transporation and travel tips about climbing.

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