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Trip to Huangshan from Shanghai

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Huangshan Facts


Huangshan Scenic Area has built a name home and abroad, featured with its distinctive pines, unusual rocks, sea of clouds, unraveled and spotless snow scenery and spring, and attracts tourists and visitors from every corner in the world. The marvelous scenery has won hearts of great writers, and poets who express  their paradise-like praises to the world, which made Huangshan Mountain as a must-go mountain and a paradise people have. Huangshan Scenic Area is divided into six attractions, Wenquan, Yuping, Diaoqiao, Beihai, Songyan and Yungu, and each attraction has its own distinctiveness.  In the whole scenic area stands 88 peaks with an elevation  over 1000 meters, and Lianhua peak, Guangmingding peak and Tiandu peak are the main ones, about 1,800 meters above sea level. For assistance to tourists, there are stone steps from the foot to the top of mountains, and cable car is also available.


A light backpack. Prepare some warm clothes, some high calorie food, and an  alpenstock. It could be cold on the top of the mountains, and frigid in winter days. Alpenstock can help you save energy and protect you from accidental falling.

Huangshang cable cars. Four cable lines have been operated and  available to tourists, and they are in service from 06:30 to 17:00.

Shuttle bus. From tourists center to Ciguangge, the bus costs 19 yuan for a single trip. From tourists center to Yungu Temple, the bus costs 19 yuan for a single trip. From tourists center to Wenquan, the bus costs 11 yuan for a single trip.

Huangshan opening hours: 06:30-16:30

Huangshan Ticket

  1st March-30th November 1st December-the end of February
Entrance ticket 230 yuan 150 yuan
Yungu cable line(single trip) 80 yuan 65 yuan
Taiping cable line(single trip) 80 yuan 65 yuan
Yuping cable line(single trip) 90 yuan 75 yuan
Xihai cable line(single trip) 100 yuan 80 yuan

Huangshan accommodation & meal: if you need to stay overnight, you could book a room from a hotel, or book outdoor camping equipment. There are hotels on the mountain top, or at the mountain foot. Still you could have a meal in a restaurant in the scenic area.

How to Get to Huangshan from Shanghai

Huangshan Scenic Area is located in Tangkou, Huangshan, Anhui, and the south of Anhui province. In the southwest of Shanghai, it is about 450 kilometers away from Shanghai, which takes about 6 hours driving. Tourists could go to Huangshan Scenic Area from Shanghai by airplane, train and bus.

Option 1: Get to Huangshan from Shanghai by train

Everyday there are three trains available to tourists and the following table is some information about these trains. Trains from Shanghai to Huangshan start from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, and Shanghai Railway Station, and stop at Huangshanbei Railway Station and Huangshan Railway Station. Take subway to a railway station in Shanghai, then get to Huangshan by train. After get off the train, you take a bus to Tangkou( 1 hour & 20 yuan), then come to Huangshan Scenic Area. K8418 is the slowest and cheapest train, with a good timing which will save accommodation fare, but it will be tiring. If tourists take G1519 and G1509,  tourists need to book a hotel for a night sleeping.

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration

Business Class



First Class Seat


Second Class



Hard Seat


Hard Sleeper


Soft Sleeper


G 1519 Shanghai Hongqiao 18:07 Huangshanbei 22:15 04:08 948.5 505.5 304      
G1509 Shanghai Hongqiao 08:42 Huangshanbei 13:15 04:33 948.5 505.5 304      
K8418 Shanghai 20:16 Huangshan 07:11 10:55       93 163 251
G1517 Huangshanbei 08:14 Shanghai Hongqiao 12:44 04:08 948.5 505.5 304      
G1507 Huangshanbei 13:50 Shanghai Hongqiao 17:56 04:06 948.5 505.5 304      
K8420 Huangshan 20:08 Shanghai 08:03 11:55       93 163 251

Option 2: Bus tours to Huangshan from Shanghai

Bus from Shanghai to Huangshan Scenic Area is available, and it departs from  Shanghai South Bus Station(长途客运南站), and stops at the tourists center at Huangshan Scenic Area. The bus starts at 10:27 and 14:49, and takes about 6.5 hours and costs 148 yuan. Shanghai South Bus Station is located in No. 666, Shilong road, Xuhui district, and to get the bus station,  tourists could take subway Line 1 at People’s square station and get off at Shanghai nanzhan station(上海南站), get out from Exit 3 and walk about 500 meters. Though the bus is convenient and doesn’t need transfer, the arrival time is around 16:00 and 21:30, then tourists need to book a hotel near the scenic area, which could be expensive.

Option 3: Visit Huangshan from Shanghai by Airplane

A flight from Hongqiao airport to Huangshan Tunxi airport is available, and takes off at 13:15 and arrives at 14:20. From the airport to Huangshan Scenic Area, tourists need to go to Huangshan bus station or railway station, then transfer to the scenic area.

For tourists with a tight budget, I recommend train K8418 and bus, and for tourists with a large budget,  I recommend high speed train and airplane.

How to visit in Huangshan Scenic Area

Four cable lines are available to tourists. Yuping cable line links Yuping and Wenquan attractions, with a length of 2600 meters. Yungu cable line is form Yungu attraction to Bai’e ling, with a length of 2666 meters. Taiping cable starts at Songlin peak in Xihai attraction and ends at Songgu attraction, with a length of 3709 meters. Xihai grand canyon cable line is in Xihai attraction.

Huangshan Scenic Area has three entrances, south entrance, north entrance and west entrance. South entrance is the most used one, and Guangmingding(光明顶) is the center, which is the end of any routes from the foot to the top. To climbing Mountain Huangshan from the south entrance, there are two routes with two starting points, Ciguangge and Yungu Temple, and they ends at Guangmingding.

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Map 1

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Map 2

Huangshan Sightseeing Route 1:

First take a shuttle bus to Ciguange, then you could take a cable car at Yuping cableway to Yuping stop or walk from Ciguangge all the way to lianhua peak(lotus peak) and Tianhai, then to Guangmingding. Next, it is the return journey, and you may go down from the east side of Guangmingding. If you walk the whole journey, it will take one day. If you take a cable car, you have more time for sightseeing.

Huangshan Sightseeing Route 2:

First take a shuttle bus to Yungusi(Yungu Temple), then you may walk through the walking path all the way to Guangmingding or you could take a cable car to Bai’eling, then walk to Guangmingding. The back route is from the west side of Guangmingding.

About the climbing route, you could change it according to actual situation.A day tour in climbing Mountain Huangshan ends at about 16:30, then you may take a bus from Huangshan Scenic Area to Shanghai, or you may take train K8418 and back to Shanghai. If your schedule is not tight, you may stay one night on the top of the mountains, get up to see sunrise, then go down from the mountains. 


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