Lan Kwai Fong - The Most Famous Bar Street in Hong Kong

Lan Kwai Fong is situated at the junction of Wyndham Street and D'Aguilar Street on Hong Kong Island, on an L-shaped uphill trail. It is only 15-minute drive from Causeway place. It is covered with Western restaurants and bars. Most bars are open from noon to one o'clock at midnight. There are British and Australian Bars, Japanese karaoke OK, snacks in all day. When night comes, many of Hong Kong's young generation love to come here in disco. So spending the night in Lan Kwai Fong to experience the bustling life is a good choice at night in Hong Kong.

It is also a perfect dining and entertainment destination. Today dishes are spoilt for choice; there are award winning Italian fine dining restaurants, Western specialties, such as Australian and Spanish cuisine, Oriental fare offering Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese plus everything in between. All in all, you name it, you find it. Abundant of dishes are offered for your choice.

The crowds during special occasions, such as Halloween or New Year's Eve put the place at a literal standstill with the large numbers. Police control is employed at such times, to manage the crowds.

Most Popular Bars in Lan Kwai Fong Bar Street


CBar is a small bar, but very popular. The seats with street frontage can allow you to watch the hustle and bustle of large crowds. The business hours of this bar is quite long, 16 hours.

It lies in the central area of Lan Kwai Fong. There are bar stools in the first floor of the bar. And the second floor is the gorgeous lounge bar. You can spend the night here and enjoy a luxury life.

It is the classical brand of Lan Kwai Fong. It offers English breakfast and alcohol buffet at night. The cost is HKD 96.

LaDoice 97
It is the most popular bar in Lan Kwai Fong. It supplies Italian food during the day. At night, it is a musical bar and there are live performance on Thursday and Saturday nights.

The Whiskey Priest
This bar is full of full-bodied amorous feelings of Ireland. It supplies authentic Irish food and stout. It is also a place to watch the live game with your partners.

Important tip for travel to Lan Kwai Fong

Location: between Wyndham Street and D'Aguilar Street on Hong Kong Island

Opening Hour: The majority of the bars are opened after 5 p.m. So you’d better go there at about 18:00 and enjoy the night there.
Transportation: You can take the Island Line and Tsuen Wan Line, get off at Central Station and then exit from the D1. Or you can take 12M, 13,23A, 40M and minibus 10B. to get there. 

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