Hong Kong Hiking Routes

Most people put label of shopping paradise and international metropolis on Hong Kong. Hiking in Hong Kong is rarely known. We are going to introduce some hiking routes in this article to those tourist who are enthusiastic about hiking. 

Dragon Ridge Hiking Trail

Route: Dragon Ridge - Shau Kei Wan - Shek O Road - Lan Nai Wan - Pavillion at mid-level - Tai Tam Gap - Mt. Collinson

Feature: Relax with beautiful landscape

Description: Dragon Ridge belongs to the 8th section of Hong Kong trail, but the most pretty part.The mountains at Shek O are rugged. It looks like a dragon crawling on the mountain. It was chosen to be the best trail in Asia by Times in 2004.

Transportation: Take Bus No 9 at Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus and get off at Land Bay Bus Station at Shek O Road. 


MacLehose Trail Exploration

Route: Pak Tam Chung - The West Dam of the High Island Reservoir - High Island Reservior East Dam - Long Ke Wan - Sai Wan Pavilion

Feature: Reservoir and geological landscape

Description: The 1st and 2nd part of Maclehose Trail is rock route. It departs Pak Tam Chung to the West Dam of the High Island Reservoir. En route, tourists could enjoy the good view of Hong Kong Global Geopark, High Island Reservior East Dam and Long Ke Wan.

Transportation: Take bus from Diamond Hill and Shatin to Pak Tam Chung. Then walk along Tai Mong Tsai Road for 5 minutes, then get to Maclehose Trail, which is the famous hiking route in Hong Kong, which starts from Oct 26th, 1979, lasting for 100 kms in total. It stretches across 8 of 24 country parks in Hong Kong, cross more than 20 mountains with quite different scenery. MacLehose Trail is separated for 10 sections with clear signage.

10 Sections of Maclehose Trail
1.Pak Tam Chung - Long Ke Wan for 10.6 km for 3 hours
2.Long Ke Wan - Pak Tam Au for 13.5 km for 5 hours. Tourist could buy water and have meal at Sai Wan.
3.Pak Tam Au - Kei Ling Ha for 10.2 km for 4 hours
4.Kei Ling Ha - Tai Shui Hang for 12.7 km for 5 hours
5.Tai Shui Hang - Tai Po Road for 10.6 km for 3 hours
6.Tai Po Road - Shing Mun for 4.6 km for 1.5 hours
7.Shing Mun - Lead Mine Pass for 6.2 km for 2.5 hours
8.Lead Mine Pass- Route Twisk for 9.7 km for 4 hours
9.Route Twisk - Tin Fu Tsai for 6.3 km for 2.5 hours
10.Tin Fu Tsai - Tuen Mun for 15.6 km for 5 hours

Transportation notes:
1.Take Bus No 92 at Diamond Hill MTR Station Exit C2 to Saigon
2.Then take Bus No 94 to Pak Tam Chung or take No 96R from Rainbow MTR Station Exit C2 to Pak Tam Chung. The 1st and 2nd section of Maclehose Trail starts from the intersection of Tai Mong Tsai Road and Pak Tam Road. Depart the 2nd section’s end Pak Tam Au by Bus No 94 or 96 R.
3.Transportation for Maclehose Trail Section 3 and Section 4 :
Take Bus No 99 pr 299 tp Kei Ling Ha
Go to Keevil Camp by Bus No 91. 91 M or 92 at Choi Hung MTR Exit C2 and get off at Dewant School Bus Station and walk to Keevil Camp along the Jat Incline.
4.Transportation for Maclehose Trail Section 7 annd Section 8:
Take mini bus No82 from Shui Wan Street to Shing Mun Supervise , then wak to Lead Mine Pass.
Take Mini bus No 51 to Tai Mo Shan Bus Station from Tsuen Wan MTR Station.

5.Take Bus No 52 X, 53 or 61 M to Baolong Barracks in Tuen Mun

Lion Mountain Hiking

Route: Lion Mountain Park- Memorial Pavillion-Lion Mountain-Amah Roack-Hung Mui Kuk in Shatin.

Decription: Lion Mountain is widely known in Hong Kong, which is the natural boundary between Kowloon and New Territory. There are many hiking trail on Lion Mountain with paved ladder. It is easy to climb to the top to enjoy the panoramic view of Kowloon.

Transportation: Take Bus no 1, 7M, 11K or 103 to Tianmayuan Bus Station

Tai Long Wan Hiking

Route: Tsai Wan - Ham Tin Wan - Tai Long Au - Chek Keng - Pak Tam Au

Feature: leisure to enjoy the magnificent sea view

Description: Tai Long Wan is the 1st of the Top 10 Scenic Spots in Hong Kong. If you like hiking but also love sea, this is a fine route for you.

Transportation: At first, get to Saigon from Diamond Mountain by Bus No 92 or from Shatin by Bus No 229. Then take taxi or Bus No NR29 to Sai Wan. After the tour, take Bus No 94 or taxi to the downtown of Saigon. 

Lamma Island Hiking and Tasting Sea Food

Route: Yung Shue Wan - Hung Shing Yeh Beach - Lo So Shing Beach - Sok Kwu Wan

Feature: Leisure for fresh sea food

Description: Lamma Island Family Walk lasts for about 6 km from Sok Kwu Wan to Yung Shue Wan with good road condition. Therefore, it is a leisure hiking trip with about 3-4 hours walking. Enroute, your could overlook Hung Shing Yeh Beach, Lamma Power Plant and other pretty scenery. After the hiking, you could also have a rest at local seafood restaruant and taste the fresh seafood \

Walk from the MTR Hong Kong Station Exit E1 to Central Pier 4, take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan
After trip, take ferry from Sok Kwu Wan to the central. It takes about 30-40 minutes. 

Overlook Hong Kong City from Victoria Peak 

Route: Victoria Peak -Lugard Road - Lung Fu Shan and pine waste Fort - Harlech Road - Pork Fu Lam Reservoir

Feature: convenient transportation and city view

Walking on Hong Kong Trail from Victoria Peak to Pork Fu Lam Reservoir, you will view different scenery. At first, you will see the Hong Kong city view at Victoria Peak. Then walk into forest, you will find you are going into nature and returning to simplicity.

Transportation: Take the peak tram to the top of Victoria Peak or take Bus No 15 at the Exit D of Hong Kong Railway Station to Peak Square.