Hong Kong Dinning Tips

Hong Kong Dinning Tips page lists some knowledge about eating in Hong Kong as well as other common things about Hong Kong dinning.

♦ Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme
QTS scheme is suitable for restaurants as well. Please note the sign before you choose a restaurant.

Hong Kong Dinning Tips

It is good idea to make reservations especially during lunchtime since restaurants are usually busy. On the weekends an advance booking is advisable especially in the up-market restaurants. To check a phone number, dial directory enquiries on 108-1. Or you can pick up a copy of a Guide to Quality Shops and Restaurants for information on QTS-accredited restaurants.

Dress Code
Casual wear is acceptable in most restaurants. For a more formal occasion or where there is a proper dress code specified, jacket and tie is the norm. If in doubt, check with the restaurant before your coming.

Charges for tea, condiments and non-ordered snacks
When eating in a Chinese restaurant it is common for waiters to bring tea, condiments and non-ordered snacks, which will be added to the bill if you don't refuse. It is not free in most cases.

Hong Kong Dinning Tips

Service Charge
Most restaurants automatically add 10 per cent as service charge to the bill. During Chinese New Year, the charge might be a bit higher. If any queries, check with the restaurant.

Non-smoking areas
As of 1 January 2007, indoor restaurants and bars (unless they have applied for an exemption until 30 June 2009) must implement a smoke-free policy to protect their employees and customers from secondhand smoke exposure.