Explore Hong Kong on Foot

Many people travel to Hong Kong with a quick trip for shopping, business or transiting flight. Actually, Hong Kong is worth a fine taste by exploring on foot slowly. We are going to introduce the walking routes in Hong Kong to you so that you could enjoy a quite different Hong Kong tour.

Hong Kong City View

Sheung Wan District

* Walk out from the Exit B of Sheung Wan Subway Station and walk straight along Des Voeux Road to Western Market

The building was originally the old Western Market (North Block), which was identified by Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) as one of the Declared Monuments in 1990. At present, it is the oldest market building surviving in Hong Kong. The building is in Edwardian style that was popular in England from 1901 to 1918. The market is a combination of exuberantly classical facades and planning in a logical and spacious manner as inspired by the axial, symmetrical planning. Western Market is a complex shopping mall under the Life Style Group, gathering all kinds shops selling handicrafts and collection.

* Get out of Western Market and walk straight along Morrison Street to Bonham Strand East, then turn left

The Ginseng & Bird's Nest Street is one of the famous cultural streets in Hong Kong, which consists of Wing Lok Street, Bonham Strand East and Bonham Strand West. There are many Ginseng and Bird’s Nest shops in this area. Locals like to make desert with the above two ingredient. Therefore, you could walk around and feel and local diet culture.

* Walk to Cleverly Street straightly from Bonham Strand East and keep walking to Queen’s Road Central. Turn left and walk straight and you will see the Ladder Street

Since this street is a ladder from the beginning to the end along the slop of mountain, it is called “Ladder Street”. It is the longest ladder street in Sheung Wan Area. l In the past, the rich men living in this area had their own sedan chairs carried by the servants as the transportation up and down the steps. Nowadays, many wealthy men still live in this area.

* Walk upstairs along the Ladder Street, you will meet Upper Lascar Row

Upper Lascar Row is a “antique street” for about 200 meters. There are more than 30 antique shops along the streets, selling jade, pottery and porcelain, bronze Buddha, bronze tripod, painting and calligraphy, woodenware, ect.

*Keep climbing the Ladder Street, there is a another antique street---Hollywood Road. Walk through this road, you will reach Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is an ancient temple in Hong Kong, where locals often go to worship and pray for their children clever and having a bright future.

* Keep walking upstairs along the Ladder Street, you will find a trail on your left. Turn left and walk straightly along the trail, you will reach Wing Lee Street.

Wing Lee Street is only about 300 meters long. You will find many old tenement apartments along the street, surrounded by modern tall building. Actually the old houses in the street were going to be pulled, but Wing Lee Street was preserved because of a movie ---Echoes of The Rainbow. This is a street to reflect the past of Hong Kong.

Central District

Walk westward along Wing Lee Street to the end, turn right and upstairs to King Road. Then turn left to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, which is the branch of Hong Kong History Museum. It opened on December 12th, 2006. It opens everyday, except every Thursday.

Keep westward along King Road to the end, then turn left to Albert Road, where Hong Kong Government House is located. Hong Kong Government House is for guest reception and government ceremony. It is a historic site in Hong Kong. It is the official residence of Chief Executive of Hong Kong now.

Walk westward from Lower Albert Road to Garden Road. The Peak Tram Station is just on the opposite. Many people wait in a queue for riding the tram to Victoria Peak. Keep walking along Garden Road, you will find St John's Cathedral on your left side, which is the oldest western style church. It was built in 1847, consisting of 3 buildings. It is one of the oldest Gothic architecture of Victorian Period in Hong Kong.

Get out of St. John’s Cathedral and walk across the street to Cotton Tree Drive, from where we go to Hong Kong Park, which is a rare open place in the commercial district, where there is a rain forest Aviary, feeding more than 150 types of birds, tall trees, man-made waterfall, stream, pool, cliff, ect. Besides, there are gymnasium, children’s playground, fountain plaza, bell tower, ect

One Day Hong Kong walking tour can be over here or keep walking based on your energy, to High Court Road, Pacific Place, Admiralty, ect.