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How to get Sun Island Harbin & Ferry Schedules of Sun Island

By Ferry

(A ferry is running across the Songhua River to Sun Island.) 

The best and most recommended way to get to Sun Island is via ferry. The running time of all the ferries via Songhua River is between 08:00 to 17:00 every day with the frequency of about 15 minutes.

The ferry wharfs are near the Flood Control Monument. The monument is a landmark Monument near the Songhua River bank which can see it immediately right after you walk to the north end of central pedestrian.

The ticket fares are 10 yuan per person for get over to the Sun Island and 20 yuan for a river cruise along the Songhua River.

There are more than one wharf along the monument river bank, usually the wharfs for crossing river are on the left side of the monument, the wharfs for river cruising are on the right side of the monument. And just remember the wharf heading back to monument bank from Sun Island is always whichever wharf you disembark the ferry arrived there.

There is a Jiuzhan wharf which ferry tickets are the cheapest just 2 yuan, but is the furthest wharf to the monument.

(The Flood Control Monument near Songhua River bank.)

By Cable Car

You could also get to the sun island via cable car, the ticket is 50 yuan for adult for a single journey. The cable station is near the Flood Control Monument, you could walk to there for about ten minutes. It is great way to cross the river and have a bird view, but it is a bit expensive way as well.

By Special Tourist Bus

Tourist bus special line: 9:00-22:00 every day, started at Youyi Road. The terminal stop is Ice and Snow World.

By Bus

If you are located near central avenue: take No.29, No.88 or No.118 bus at the Suning mall and get off at the ice and snow world stop.

Taking No.552, 213, 119, 80, 211, 212 216, 219,551 and 215 to the Sun Island Crossing to get off.
Taking No.125, 126, and 88 to Ice and Snow World to get off.
Taking No.29 to Shangwu Road.

By Taxi

Getting a taxi from Central Avenue to Sun Island is around 18 RMB.

By Walking

Yes! You can walk through the river to Sun Island for free! But of course, you can only do that during winter when the ice cap of the river is authorized thick enough by local government.