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How to Get to Huangshan Mountain from Hangzhou

A is for Hangzhou and B for Huangshan

By High-speed Train (Recommended)

There are 28 high-speed trains running through Hangzhou East Station (杭州东) and Huangshan North Station (黄山北) every day. The first train departs at 06:52 and the last one departs at 21:29. The duration of this journey takes about 1.5 - 2 hours, and the ticket fare cost between 88 to 365.5 yuan depending on what kind of seat you take. Below is the time table for your referance.

Time Table for Trains from Hangzhou East to Huangshan North

Train Code Depart Arrive Duration First Class Seat Second Class Seat
G2185 06:52 08:19 01:27 195 yuan 120 yuan
G7311 11:48 13:25 01:37 189.5 yuan 118 yuan
G1519 21:29 22:55 01:26 146.5 yuan 91 yuan


  • Some of the high speed trains are actually running between huangshan north to shanghai, hangzhou east station is just a stop en route. So you can also get on these trains from Shanghai;
  • Giving that mt. huangshan and hangzhou ,shanghai are the hot visited places in east coast area of china, there are always many tourist taking these trains, so booking train tickets early is advised.
  • The information above is updated till 22th Jan,2020, and it is just for referance, for actual booking and timing we suggest check on offical website.

By Bus

The cheapest way to get to Mt. Huangshan from Hangzhou is by bus or coach at Hangzhou West Bus Terminal. The bus here leaves for both Huangshan downtown and Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area.

There are about 7 buses (coaches) leaving for Huangshan downtown from Hangzhou West Bus Termial, which depart from 6:30 a.m. to 6:20 p.m. every day. The price is about 90 yuan. If you want to get to the Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area from Huangshan downtown, you still need to catch a bus in Huangshan Tunxi Bus Terminal. The journey to the scenic area will take about an hour.

In addition, there are 5 buses leaving for Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area from Hangzhou West Bus Terminal, which from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day. The cost is about 110 yuan.

If one goes directly to Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area (Tangkaou) from Hangzhou West Bus Terminal, you can stay at the foot of Mt. Huangshan Mountain for the first night. Then have a whole-day tour in Mt. Hhangshan Scenic Area to see the highlights of this mountain area and stay overnight on the mountain, so that you can get up early to see the sunrise on the peak. There is a hotel up on the mountain.

The highlights in Huangshan include Yellow Mountain, Xidi Village, Hongcun Village, etc.

Or if you do not care of the budget and prefer a more comfortable trip from Hangzhou to Huangshan, you can rent a car with a tour guide from a travel agency. Although the trip is more comfortable and flexible by renting a car, the expense is much higher than taking a coach in the local bus station.

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