Hangzhou Tourism

Hangzhou, an ancient city with a history of 2200 years, is one of the seven ancient capitals in China. As the saying goes well: “Up above there is heaven, down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Hangzhou is a city that one must definitely explore simply for its fascinating beauty since ancient times. Now, tourism industry has become one of the pillar industry and new growth point in Hangzhou’s national economy.

As one of China's big tourist attractions, Hangzhou has many historical relics and scenic spots, including West Lake, and the scenic area near the Fuchun River and the Xinan River. The special local-made products are silk, Xihu silk umbrellas, color-glazed porcelain, Longjing tea, and white chrysanthemum.
The Hangzhou Airport has more than 100 flights to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xian and Guilin. The highway adds railway networks of Hangzhou radiate in all directions. The railway department has offered six pairs of special tourist trains, and two pairs of tourist trains stop in Hangzhou. Expressways hare been constructed from Hangzhou to Shanghai and from Hangzhou to Ningbo. In addition, canal passenger transport docks have been built and pleasure-beats have been operated to Suzhou and Wuxi. The convenient transportation to Hangzhou also helps the development of the tourism industry in Hangzhou City.

Hangzhou Tourist Consultation Service Center
Hangzhou Tourist Consultation Service Center was established by Hangzhou Municipal Government in May, 2004 as one of the 20 start projects of social welfare project. . It is a key tourism work of Hangzhou City for the purpose of promoting Start Plan on internationalization of the tourism industry. The main responsibilities of the Tourism Consultation Service Center are: tourism publicity window, tourist consultation service, individual tourist service, ticketing, room reservation, vehicle reservation and accepting complaints from tourists.
Huanglong Center Point
No.3 Huanglong Road (F1, Huanglong Sport Center)
Wushan Consulting Piont
No.10, Huaguang Lane
Statio(Underground) Consulting Piont
Exit of outbound hall of Chengzhan Railway Station(underground)
In front of the Tiedao Mansion(ground floor)
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Consulting Piont
Exit of domestic flights
Exit of international flights
Lingyin Scenic Area Consulting Point
Beside ticket office of Lingyin Scenic Area
Leifang Pagoda Scenic Area Consulting Piont
Tourist entrance of the Leifeng Pagoda Scenic Area
West Lake Museum Consulting Piont
No.89, Nanshan Road(inside West Lake Museum)
Xixi Wetland Scienc Area Consulting Point
No.21, Zijingang Road
Canal Square Consulting Point
Above canal cruise terminal in the west of Gongchen Bridge
Season Square Consulting Piont
In the southeast of Season Square, West Wen’er Road

Hangzhou Tourism Commission 
Hangzhou Tourism Commission, a department of Hangzhou Municipal government, is in Charge of Destination Management and Tourism Industry of Hangzhou City. The commission has several departments including international/domestic tourism marketing Dept industry adiministration Dept policy and law Dept, etc. The main responsibility of the commission is to draw up laws and policies to promote Hangzhou’s tourism industry and inspect the tourism market system, etc.
Add: 228 Yanan Road, Hangzhou, China (PRC), 310001
Office: 86/571-8792507
Fax: 86-571-87925096