Best Places to Visit in Guizhou

Guizhou, a province famous for its dense minority culture, is attractive for people with its multi-minority background. TopChinaTravel would like to introduce some of the Best Places to visit in Guizhou, to help you find out as many as possible minorities culture in this northewestern part. Where to visit in Guizhou? Travel with us, just let us to be your guide and try to be a part of Chinese minority during your Guizhou tours.

Jiaxiu Tower( Guiyang )

Jiaxiu Tower, a symbolic structure of Guiyang City, is located on the Nannming River in the urban district of Guiyang.
Jiaxiu Pavilion is a magnificent three-storied building 20-meter-high with three eaves and a pointed top, containing carved windows and red lattices and upturned eaves on all sides. Downstairs is the Floating Jade Bridge which spans both north and south banks. Under the bridge, the clear blue swirling water forms a pool named Hanbi. When night falls with all the lights on, the outline of the pavilion and the bridge are reflected in the river as if it were a fairyland.


Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village( Kaili )

The Miao's pleated skirts can be divided into three kinds according to the length: long, mid-length and short skirts.
The depths of the southeastern Guizhou Province mountains are inhabited as the 'Short-skirt' Miao. They number 50,000 to 60,000. Some live in Langdong and Kongshen villages of Rongjiang County, while others may be found living in the Datang area of Leishan County. Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village is one of the most typical short-skirt Miao villages near Kaili.


Xijiang Miao Village( Kaili )

Xijiang Miao Village, also named 'China's Miao stockade village of one thousand households’, is supposed to be the largest Miao Village in China. A continuous row of houses spreads in line of the hilly area. These houses are unique and grand under sunshine and verdant trees.


Huangguoshu Waterfall( Anshun )

Huangguoshu is reputed as one of the largest mountain and river tourist landscapes in China. Huangguoshu Waterfall is known as "the first waterfall in China", with the most impressive having a width of 81 meter and dropping 74 meter. A 134-meter-long curtain cave lies secretly behind the main fall.
There are six 'windows', five 'sitting rooms' and three springs inside the cave. It is really wonderful that you look at the rushing waterfall through the 'windows' and touch the waterfall in the shortest distance. Among them, the Huangguoshu Waterfall is the largest with a flow of more than 700 cubic meters of water per second and huge amounts of water seem to be pouring from the sky.


Zhenyuan Ancient Town( Guizhou )

As one of Top Ten Tourist Town and an ancient town of the Miao people on a plateau in the mountains of the eastern part of Guizhou Province, Zhenyuan is famous for its long history with many rich and generous cultural relics, making it much like a historic garden.

Zhenyuan Ancient Town covers only an area of 3.1 square kilometers but greets you with more than 160 scenic spots including caves, palaces, pavilions, temples and rivers with their unique architecture, exquisite engravings and marvelous natural landscape. The Dragon Boat Festival, held on May 25th of every year, is the most ceremonious celebration in Zhenyuan.


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