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Top Yangshuo Countryside Biking Routes

In Yangshuo, if you want to have a countryside tour. Bike will be the star in your countryside tour. Cycling in Yangshuo is the best and most economic way. Renting a bike, cycling with friends or lover inside the countryside, the hills and rivers accompanying with you. May be this tour will be a memorable experience in your lifetime.

Yangshuo is famous as the No. 1 tourism county in China. Since 1987, former American president Carter did Yangshuo countryside biking tour with his wife along the Ten-mile gallery scenic area. This aerobic exercise became more and more popular. Till now, Yangshuo countryside biking tour is one of the coolest travel methods.


A Yangshuo Biking Tour can be

The first day arrival Yangshuo, after check-in procedure, you can pick out a restaurant on West Street to enjoy a romantic dinner. After that, a leisure walking along West Street - the most famous pedestrian street in the world. Taking a seat in a bar and enjoy a cup of coffee to have a wonderful night there.

In the second day morning, renting a bike and begin your unique countryside exploration. Here, we would like to list top Yangshuo biking routes for your reference.

Recommended Cycling Routes

A: Leisure Route:
West Street (F) – Xiangshui bridge – Jima (B) – Xiatang Village – Back to Aishanmen (C) – Chaoyang - Giggling Tree – Mountain Retreat (D) – Gongnong Bridge (E) – Ten-mile Gallery - West Street (F)

Yangshuo Biking Tour Map

♦ Biking Route Information
Distance: about 20km, including highway and countryside route
Duration: 2.5 hours
Route feature: classical hiking route, covering the most beautiful landscape and countryside scenery
Effort: ★★☆☆☆
Physical condition: leisure route, suitable for normal traveler

♦ Extension Route
Gongnong Bridge (E) – Big Banyan Tree (G) – Moon Hill (H) – Back to West Street (F)
Extension tour duration is about 1.5 hours
Effort: ★★★☆☆
Tips: TCT would suggest this extension tour for energetic and young people. It is one of Top Yangshuo Countryside Biking Routes.

♦ Trip starts from 08:30 a.m.
(08:30-09:00) Rent the bike at the entrance to West Street or you can rent a bike from your hotel.

(09:00-09:30) Start the biking tour. You will have to cross the main road and be careful about the traffic. Around 10 minutes, you will arrive at Xiangshui Bridge, where is the beginning of the highlights countryside tour. Keep biking and the road condition is very good, with paddy field and rolling green mountains all along the way. There is a very interesting Thaichi cottage and deserve a visit to the small house.

(09:30-10:30) Biking along the road until you find there two paths. One is to the Gongnong bridge and the other on your right hand is to Xiatang Village. Continue to the path to Xiatang Village where you will definitely be addicted to the breath breaking views! When you find the big parking lot named Xiatang, please do not hesitate and you are not getting lost at all. Choose the path into the village and bike as a circle, where you will appreciate the peaceful villages, beautiful Yulong River, boundless paddy field, orchids, and return to the main road by crossing the one-way bridge. To be save, please get off and pull your bike, meanwhile, enjoy the screaming from whom sit on the bamboo raft, as they are passing a small dam under your foot. Continue biking and back to Aishanmen.

Yangshuo Biking Tour

(10:30-11:30) Go on the biking from Aishanmen to Gongnong bridge. If you are attracted by the bamboo rafting on Yulong river, you can go to Chaoyang dock (very close to Aishanmen) and enjoy the section from there to Gongnong bridge, and your bike can be put on the raft. Or just keep going. The road condition becomes rough and lots of electronic cars pass by. But please do not feel frustrated. One the half way, you will find a place named Giggling Tree. It is a guesthouse but looks much nicer than normal ones. It is opened by a Holland couple and warm welcome for short break there. You can enjoy your lunch time at this special place. All along the road to the Gongnong bridge, you will pass a very famous guesthouse named Mountain Retreat which is just next to the Yulong river.

(11:30-12:00) After arrive at Gongnong bridge, it is almost the end of the biking tour, and follow the main road to West Street. You will also appreciate the views when passing by the ten-mile galleries. Return your bike on the West Street and your tour is ended.

B: Countryside Route:
Yangshuo Town (H) - Big Banya Tree (C) - Moon Hill (E) - Moon Hill Village (Li Village) (E) - Fushan Temple - Yan Village (F) - Tianjiahe River - Yangshuo County (H)

Yangshuo Biking Tour Map


♦ Biking Route Information
Distance: about 20km, including highway and countryside route
Route feature: classical hiking route, covering the most beautiful landscape and countryside scenery
Effort: ★★☆☆☆
Physical condition: leisure route, suitable for normal traveler

♦ Trip Arrangement

Start from Yangshuo Town, cycling along the Yangshuo-Lipu highway for about 20min, you will arrival Gong Nong Bridge (工农桥). On the Gong Nong Bridge part, one side is the scenic sport named “Camel Crossing the River”, the other side the Yulong River. Both sides are charming. It is one of Top Yangshuo Countryside Biking Routes, you should not miss.

Continue to cycling to south, also on the highway, about 500 meters later, you will arrival Big Banyan Tree attraction. From then on, cycling about 1 km you will arrival the famous Moon Hill. The hill will company with you when you are biking on this part. On the Moon Hill scenic spot gate, there is a branch. Choose the left one and you will be on the Shangyue Road (赏月路). At the end of the road, there is Yueliang Village (月亮村). It is the ideal place to see Moon Hill. And recent years, the villagers there run many guesthouses and restaurants. So you can have a lunch there.

After the lunch, go back to Gong Nong Bridge direction. Cycling along the countryside route in Fushan Temple part. Cross a stone arch bridge and you will meet Yan Village (燕村). At the entrance of Yan Village, there are some stores for you to buy a bottle of water and have a rest.

And then, continue to move toward south, a few minutes later, you will meet the picturesque Tianjia River. In this part, you can put your bike on the road and go down into the Tianjia River Dam to enjoy the scenery. Generally, it is late afternoon there. Tianjia River is a wonderful place to appreciate the sunset.

Continue to move on and you will arrival Aishan (矮山). Go through this part and you will be back to the highway. Cycling along the highway for about 5km to the north, and you will be back to Yangshuo Town.

C: Yulong River Biking Route:
Yangshuo (H) - Gong Nong Bridge (B) - Mountain Retreat (C) - Jima (D) - Jiuxian County (E) - Yulong Bridge (F) - Baisha Town (G) - Yangshuo (H)

Yangshuo Biking Tour Map

♦ Biking Route Information
Distance: about 30km, including highway and countryside route
Route feature: appreciating landscape, countryside scenery, and ancient bridge/village
Effort: ★★★☆☆
Physical condition: energetic and young people will be better

This route highlights biking along the back of Yulong River. Some narrow routes could not go through by cycling, you need to hike with the bike. After about 2-3 hours cycling you will arrival Yulong Bridge. From then on, cycling to Baisha Town.


From Baisha Town back to Yangshuo Town, there are two ways to choose:
► Cycling along the highway from Baishan to Yangshuo
► Bamboo rafting (with the bike) on Yulong River back to Gongnong Bridge (B) and then cycling back to Yangshuo

1. Above cycling routes are recommended Top Yangshuo Countryside Biking Routes, not fixed. Travelers can design their own cycling routes according to the physical conditions and tour durations.
2. Above information is updated in 2019 June.


Travel Tips

♦ Optional activities during the biking
Bamboo rafting on Yulong River to Gongnong Bridge
Thaichi/calligraphy lessons at Giggling tree; Cooking lessons
Rock Climbing on the way to the Moon Hill; Nearby Yangshuo Moon dance hotel
Water Cave on the way back from Moon Hill


♦ Tips
Renting bikies: Please choose the bike carefully and find the most suitable one for you, as the road condition, somewhere during the route, is not very good and a good bike can make sure your trip confirmable. Leisure route can choose twin-seat bike. Hard level route need to rent suspension Giant brand bicycle
Map: take the latest version map. You can buy it on the West Street.
Food: chocolate, drinking water


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