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Top Reasons to Visit Guilin

Guilin, a beautiful place under heaven, is a popular destination of superb natural scenery for thousands of years. About Guilin’s impressive scenery, Chinese poets and writers have praised a lot, like“Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world". Picture-like scenery and wonderland under heaven is referred to Guilin. Karst landscape in Guilin has created marvelous natural sceneries for Guilin, beautiful and fresh is what you feel. In general, Guilin is famous for tranquil lakes, winding and clean rivers, green hills, and splendid karst caves.

Guilin is a tourist destination in Guangxi province, south of China, welcoming tourists from all over the world to visit and enjoy Guilin’s fascinating scenery, and has built its name home and abroad. For so many years, it has been one of the most popular destinations to foreign tourists in China. Then what is Guilin famous for? What makes Guilin special? Please read this article which will tell the truth.

Reading Guideline:

Guilin Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Guilin is abundant in rivers and lakes, while  Two Rivers and Four Lakes have formed a beautiful attraction. Two Rivers and Four Lakes is a card of Guilin, popular to tourists, and it is a must visit place in Guilin. The Two Rivers are Li River and Taohua River, and the Four Lakes are Banyan Lake, Fir Lake, Osmanthus Lake and Wood Dragon Lake. In the Fir Lake, there are pagodas standing in the lake, named the Sun and Moon Pagodas, which have a beautiful exterior.

Two Rivers and Four Lakes is located in the center of Guilin city, close to Guilin business center, like Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and other business streets. It has great sceneries for sightseeing in day time and night time. In day time, river cruise by boat is recommended to every tourist, and having a seat around the lake is really cool in summer days. And In nights, the lakes and pagodas are lighted, and around the lake, there are people having live show of singing. Tourists could take a boat cruise on the rivers and lakes, and have a walk around the lakes. Local people, especially the elders are into walking around the lakes after having a meal.

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Yangshuo, Best of Guilin

Guilin is the best in the world, and Yangshuo is the best of Guilin. Yangshuo is the must-visit place if you come to Guilin. Yangshuo Ten-mile Gallery, Yangshuo West Street, Impression of Sanjie Liu, Yangshuo  Yulong River, Silver Cave, Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree, and Yangshuo Xingping Area are highlights of Yangshou tour.

Yangshuo West Street is in the center of Yangshuo county, and it is business street, crowded with tourists and visitors from home and aboard. Yanshuo West Street is famous for its popularity to foreign tourists, full with west restaurants, bars, and stores selling souvenir and goods, like pizza restaurants, and café.  Impression of Sanjie Liu is a show for tourists and visitors to get known about Yangshuo scenery and Guangxi Culture, and it is highly recommended to tourists and visitors.

Yangshuo Ten-mile Gallery is the essential of Yangshou scenery, for its picture-like mountain and river sceneries and tranquil, comfortable atmosphere. It covers several attractions, like Yuangshuo Yulong River, and Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree. The best way of sightseeing for Yangshuo Ten-mile Gallery is to take a bicycle along countryside roads, but if you are short of time, tourist bus is recommended to you. And bamboo raft is recommended for you to enjoy the beauty along rivers in Yangshuo. Yangshuo Xingping Area has a beautiful scenery printed at the back of 20 RMB note, totally worthy your visiting, which will exceed your expectations, especially those who are into photography.

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Longsheng Longji Rice Terrace, Longsheng Wonder

Longsheng is a county of Guiiln, famous for Longji Rice Terrace and cultural specialty of Dong and Yao ethnic groups. Longsheng has many attractions, with beautiful natural sceneries, like Longji Rice Terrace, Huangluo Yao Village, Longsheng Hot Spring Center.

Longji Rice Terrace is originally used to plant rice, but now it has been a famous attraction including several rice terraces, due to its large scale and gorgeous scenery in four seasons. From spring to winter, and from dawn to nightfall, it has different colors and breathtaking scenery to tourists. Words are not enough to describe its beauty and attractiveness. Longji Rice Terrace is a must-visit place to tourists, especially those who are into photography. It is far away for city, located in villages where ethnic groups live, including Ping’an Village, and Dazhai Yao Village.

Longsheng Hot Spring Center has natural hot spring for tourists to relax their body and enjoy their days. The hot spring center is in the countryside of Longsheng, with superb natural scenery, fresh air, and relaxing atmosphere.

What to do in Longsheng: see great scenery of Longji Rice Terrace, visit villages of ethnic groups, and watch ethnic performances. Enjoy yourself in hot spring and have a taste of ethnic food.

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Guilin Landscape, Caves in Guilin

ABOUT GUILIN, it has a karst landscape which forms mountains in various shapes, and karst caves in mountains. Many splendid karst caves have been developed into tourist attractions, and famous caves are Reed Flute Cave, Crown Cave, and Silver Cave.

reed flute cave

Reed Flute Cave is the most spectacular one, well known to the world, and frequently visited by tourists, including political leaders home and abroad. Reed Flute Cave is a big cave, full of tremendous stalagmites and stalagnates, which are various in shapes and shinning in lights, and form beautiful pictures in front of us. It is regarded as “an art palace by nature”, due to its large scale and fascinating shapes.

silver cave

Those caves all  have enormous stalagmites,  unique and beautiful, and still they have underground rivers flowing through black caves. Tourists could have a boat cruising to explore the caves and enjoy their wonders. Reed Flute Cave is about 5 kilometers from Guilin center, easily accessible. Crown Cave is about 29 kilometers from Guilin center, accessible by bus. Silver Cave is located in Lipu city, about 85 kilometers away from Guilin center, and close to Yangshuo.

Guilin Highlight, Mountains in Guilin

What is Guilin famous for? Mountain is one of its highlight, and some mountains enjoy great names in the world due to their shapes and unparalleled beauty. What do you know about Guilin? I bet Elephant Trunk Hill is one of your answers.

Guilin has stone mountains everywhere due to its landscape, and those mountains are not high in altitude, covered by plants, which makes beautiful scenery for them. Famous mountains in Guilin are Solitary Beauty Peak, Guilin Yao Mountain, Folded Brocade Hill, Yangshuo Moon Hill, and Elephant Trunk Hill. Those are mountains suitable for climbing to have a broad view of nature, and best time for climbing is September, October and November.

Elephant Trunk Hill gets its name from its shape like an elephant trunk drinking water in the river, with supreme river and mountain sceneries. It is also a cultural site in Guilin. Elephant Trunk Hill is a famous tourist attraction for hundreds of years, and ancient people have left us many stone carvings praising its beauty.

Guilin rock climbing. Guilin has some steep mountains perfect for rock climbing, and it has developed many rock climbing bases for rock climbers. In recent years, Guilin has been a popular destination of rock climbing, especially Yangshuo rock climbing.

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Guilin Rivers, Soul to Guilin

Numerous rivers flow in Guilin, nourishing its people and other creatures living in Guilin. Those rivers are soul to Guilin, making Guilin so beautiful. Famous river are Li River, and Yulong River.

Li River is a long river, 164 meters long, and flows through Guilin and Yangshuo. Clean water and green plants and hills along Li River are dynamic pictures, praised as wonderland under heaven. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Li River is by boat. Li River cruise is from Guilin to Yangshuo, and it lasts for 4 to 5 hours. Li River cruise is a popular tour activity to tourists, especially foreign tourists, because tourist could see the riverside sceneries and also go to Yangshuo for next tour. Another way is hiking. Some sections of Li River are suitable for hiking.

Yulong River is a river in Yangshuo, 43 kilometer long. Yulong River is highly praised for its beauty and it is often broadcasted by television. The best way to visit Yulong River is to take a bamboo raft. In this way, tourists could see its beautiful riverside scenery and enjoy countryside tranquility.

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Things to Do in Guilin

►Cycling from Guilin to Yangshuo. The road from Guilin to Yangshuo is flat and suitable for cycling, and it was used for international cycling competition. Cycling from Guilin to Yangshuo is popular to tourists from home and abroad, especially young tourists.

►Li River cruise. Li River has enjoyed a good name in the world for its extraordinary beauty. Li River cruise is the best way to see its beauty, and it is highly recommended to tourists.

►Rock climbing. In Yangshuo, there are many rock climbing bases, loved by tourists and visitors. Mountains in Guilin have their advantage in rock climbing, steep and not high.

►Photography. Guilin, as everyone may know, is a popular tourist city with superb scenery, and also a photography spot to photographer. Li River, Longji Rice Terrace, Yangshuo Ten-mile and Elephant Trunk Hill are among the must-go list for photographers.

►Performance & show. Impression of Sanjie Liu is a show combing Guilin scenery and culture, and it is made on a water stage, with wonderful stories in performances.

Best Time to Visit Guilin & Guilin Weather

Guilin is located in the south of China, a city of Guangxi province, and close to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Best time to visit Guilin is from April to October, especially April, May, September and October.

Guilin Weather. Guilin is cool in Spring and Autumn, hot in Summer and a bit cold in Winter.   

Guilin Weather Table:

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum 11 12 16 22 27 30 32 32 30 25 20 15
Minimum 5 7 11 16 20 25 24 27 22 17 12 7


How to Get to Guilin & Guilin Transportation

Flight to Guilin and Train to Guilin are recommended to you, which are the most convenient.

  • Guilin Liangjiang International Airport has international flight courses and domestic flights, and most cities in China have flights to Guilin. Tourists usually go to Guilin from Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Zhangjiajie and Hangzhou.
  • Guilin has three railway stations for passengers’ use, which have trains to everywhere in China. Tourists often take train to Guilin from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Guiyang, Kunming, and Hangzhou.
  • While visiting Guilin, tourists could take advantage of bus from city to county and from county to county.

►From Hong Kong to Guilin: train from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station to Guilin West Railway Station, only 3 hours; or flight from Hong Kong International Airport to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, only 1.5 hours.

►From Guangzhou to Guilin: train from Guangzhou South Railway Station to  Guilin North Railway Station, for about 3 hours; or flight from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.

►How to get to Yangshuo from Guilin: take a bus in Guilin South Bus Station

►How to get to Longji from Guilin: take a bus in Guilin Bus Station

Guilin 72-hour Visa Free Transit & 144-hour Visa Free

►144-hour visa free. Guilin has implemented 144 hour visa free policy to tourist groups from ten ASEAN members, which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Conditions for 144-hour visa free:

  • A tourist group of at least 2 persons
  • Tourists from the above 10 countries
  • Organized by authorized tour agency in Guilin
  • Enter and leave from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
  • Staying in Guilin for no more than 6 days

►72-hour visa free transit. Guilin has implemented the 72-hour visa free transit policy since 2014 to citizens from 51 countries.

Conditions for 72-hour visa free transit:

  • Tourists from the specified 51 countries
  • Flying to the third country through Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
  • Staying in only Guilin for no more than 72 hours

►How to  apply Guilin 72-hour visa free transit:

  • Necessary materials: valid passport, connecting international flights to the third country with 144 hours
  • Fill in entry card and  get checked by staff from China Immigration Inspection to get temporary entry permit.