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Top 6 Free Things to Do in Guilin

Guilin, as a world-famous tourist city in China, has extraordinary karst landscapes. Even though entry fees for most popular attractions in Guilin are not very expensive, it will cost you a lot of money in total. For travelers who are willing to spend less money on a relaxing Guilin tour, there are certain things to do for you to have fun and save money at the same time. Read the top 6 free things to do in Guilin for some inspirations.


1.Stroll around Ronghu Lake in the Morning

City view of Guilin perfectly combine the urban landscape with natural sceneries. If you walk around Guilin, you may find beautiful views everywhere. As the Two River & Four Lakes best show Guilin’s beauty, you definitely don’t want to miss the great experience. Normally, tourists will take a cruise for the Two River & Four Lakes, but you can take a stroll and relax yourself along your way.

Ronghu Lake, or Banyan Lake, is located at the city center of Guilin. With brilliant lighting alongside, night view of Banyan Lake is amazing, connecting with Shanhu Lake. However, we suggest you take a stroll in the morning, so that you can see what the locals in Guilin do in their daily life.

Each morning, you will see local people do morning exercises along the sidewalk, singing, dancing, playing Tai Chi. Meanwhile, some elders will use big brushes and dip in the water to practice Chinese calligraphy on the ground, it’s better to go there earlier before all the characters dry on the ground.


2.Enjoy Fascinating Night View of the Sun and Moon Towers

A Guilin trip won’t be perfect if you don’t take a picture of the Sun and Moon Towers. As Shanhu Lake is connected with Ronghu Lake, most tourists will take a walk for these two lakes at night, for the fascinating night sceneries, especially for the Sun and Moon Towers.

When the night screen has hung down, all the lights along the lakes and rivers will begin to show you a different Guilin. It’s totally worthwhile when you take a walk around the lake, for the fantastic lighting of Sun and Moon Towers reflecting upon the water. Besides, the Glass Bridge is beautiful at night. If you’ve got more time, it’ll be enjoyable to sit down to rest your feet and listen to one or two songs beside the lake.

Sun and Moon Towers

If you don’t have time to go around Ronghu Lake in the morning, you can continue walking along Shanhu Lake to Ronghu Lake, the music fountain display is wonderful as well.


3.Take a Walk along Li River

Actually, it will be tiring if you want to see all the two rivers and fours lakes by walking. Thus, you’d better make wise decision to have a leisure trip. Trust me, no one will miss Li River. Except for taking Li River Cruise, you can take a walk along Li River. Many locals prefer to walk along the riverside, local people who love fishing like to spend half day or so on the bank of Li River. Luckily, you can also see the side of Elephant Trunk Hill. Take some time and discover by yourself.

Li River


4.Visit Dongxi Alley and Xiaoyao Tower

Dongxi Alley, Dongxi Xiang in Chinese, is situated right in front of Zhengyang Gate of Jingjiang Prince City, facing Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. Architectures in this area is the typical style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, combining with modern elements. There are also some residences of some famous people in Guilin at the Ming and Qing Dynasties, you can explore the splendid history and culture along the alleys.

Dongxi Alley

Here you can seek for various delicious food, or do some shopping. There are also some workshops for you to explore. In addition, it will be great experience to have a look at the river view on Xiaoyao Tower, as it’s closed to the Li River. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay entrance fees for Dongxi Alley and Xiaoyao Tower.


5.Spend some Time at Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is an ancient shopping street in Guilin, with a long history of more than a thousand years. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street was the cultural and commercial center of Guilin.

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is about 66 meters in length, you may feel the strong historical and cultural atmosphere when stepping on the stone-paved road. Besides, this street is full of snack bars and small shops, you can spend some time and explore by yourself.


6.Choose a Park to Visit

Guilin has so many beautiful parks in the city, where you can enjoy nice sceneries and experience local culture. The entry fee of each park won’t be expensive, you can consider choosing one or two parks for visiting, such as Seven Star Park and Chuanshan Park. Sometimes you can enter for free if you go there early in the morning.

Seven Star Park


Let Top China Travel Help You with the Planning

The top free things to do in Guilin are really worth-doing if you want to have a budget tour in Guilin. Other attractions like parks and karst caves in Guilin are also cheap, you can consider according to your interests. Here we recommend those Guilin tours for you.

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