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How Do the Seniors or People with Physical Problems in a Wheelchair Visit Longji Rice Terraces?

Longji Rice Terraces are located in the high mountains of Longsheng county, about 30km (1hr’s drive) from Longsheng Bus Terminal and 150km (2.5 hr’s drive) from Guilin city. Since most of the places in the field area are mountainous, how do the seniors or people with physical problems in a wheelchair visit longji rice terraces? Well, good new, they can take the cable car in the scenic area to avoid hard walking or hiking.

The cable car in Longji Rice Terraces is only available in Jinkeng Dazhai Rice Terraces. It has been operated since Oct. 1, 2012. each car along the cableway can take 2 persons only.

Starting point: Dazhai Village Parking Lot
Ending Point: Jinfoding (Golden Buddha Summit)
Duration: 20 minutes
Length: 1580 meters

Longji Rice Terraces consists of Jinkeng Rice Terraces and Pingan Zhuang Rice Terraces. Jinkeng Rice Terraces consist Dazhai, Tiantouzhai, Xinzhai, Zhuangjie and other villages. Jingkeng is much larger than Pingan. There are three viewing platforms for tourists to have a magnificent panorama of the rice terraces: Platform No.1, Large-scale Thousand Layer Terraces (Qian Ceng Tian Ti), Platform No.2, West Hill Music (Xi Shan Shao Le), Platform No.3, Golden Buddha Peak (Jin Fo Ding). If you do not take the cable car, it needs to take 3 hours to hike from the foot of the mountain to up to the platform.

It used to be hard for children, the older or the disable persons to hike in the Jinkeng Rice Terraces and enjoy the magnificent view, and now, tourists could appreciate the beauty of the rice terraces in the comfortable cable car. Many Tousits choose to take the cable car up to Jin Fo Ding and then walk out the scenic area to have a close looking of the amazing scenery.